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    I don't understand why he wastes time complaining about an artist he doesn't understand. Why he takes the time to complain about her, and time out of his life just to come a fan site for her, complain, and attack people. How fucking pathetic. His real job must not be that fulfilling if he has to spend his free time harping on shit he doesn't like and responding to people that he doesn't like.
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    Ah new edits of ignorance that further prove my point of not only your lack of intelligence but that you're threatened by it, and maturity. AND yea it probably is because I haven't updated anything on LinkedIn In forever that you're seeing things that haven't been updated in 2yrs, yet the fact that you think it's a poppin social platform says how out of touch with reality you are, probably still love Myspace. WOW you work in medical, for the love of God I hope you're just answering calls or something basic behind a cubicle, because you having any say over anyones health of any kind is nothing short of disturbing . And yes I plan on staying in Hollywood, where my writing got me signed to a production company, where with that company in only 4 months time I've already been promoted 4 times. AND still at Universal where I started as a parking lot attended but got into show control, if LinkedIn would've mattered they would've been updated on those updates, they aren't so they don't. And sadly the validation of a sad desperate miserable man who's constantly wrong, who constantly doesn't have a hold on reality or maturity means next to nothing for me, nor does it help you or this failed attempt at trying to belittle me. Your prayers are cute though, but the fact that you got this set off because you got corrected on something stupid you said says you need more prayers than anyone. Considering how much he consistently doubts her and thinks the worst of her I don't even think he likes her all that much anymore. Yea he doesn't comprehend that this isn't personal messenger He really does need help though.
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    for someone who claims to welcome intelligence, you sure are ignorant. How can you "like Janet" and be such a pig?
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    Ah caught your new edits of ignorance. Again, the "shit" I talk is facts, you can't compete or compute, so it looks like "shit" to you and to anyone else who can't. All you're proving by your ignorant attempts at personal jabs is that intelligence threatens you so you can only compete with going personal, this ofcourse isn't news to anyone who's argued against you it's just a explanation for you that you probably still can't understand but remains obvious. And dear GOD if you're an example of what college education looks like at 40, I definitely made the right choice, because logic is surely something you don't know, like pride or comprehension or maturity, you're living proof that a college education doesn't equal a smart or successful or fully mentally developed human being, hell the fact that you implied that it does automatically says you're not very smart. And the cherry on top is I likely make more for these roles than you've made all year, and probably more advanced and fulfilled and happy in my life at 27 than you are at 40, Holla back at that. Yea to someone who doesn't have good comprehension issues I can see how repeating the truth can be annoying/confusing.
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    Oh? You're not? Weird.. you were wrong for strongly siding with the wrong side of history MULTIPLE TIMES IN THE LAST TWO YEARS... and Janfam has been right on countless of occasions Jarryl is negative? Where? Please provide proof where he dissed Janet Jackson, called her a liar for faking a pregnancy and/or, thinks she should retire. I'll wait There's Team JanFam and then there's The Great Depressed... there's no "Team Game" and Jarryl didn't give me 4200 reputation points alone
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    Slolove 100% one of my favourite Janet song
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    i'm pretty much 6'0 so i'm good lol
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    thanks I think I'm gonna get lower level tickets cause I'm kinda short . Lol
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    OMG !!! FEEBACK is almost PLATINUM !!!!
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    its not okay, but I hope that one day, he finds the great forever too
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    he's picking at people's lives as if people aren't happy with themselves. Everyone has their own life to live and their own path that brings them happiness. He clearly isn't happy in his life, and likes to try and suck the positivity out of others in order to bring himself some crumb of happiness
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    you would have a purse fall out of ur mouth if you lived in a house worth 3million dollars too ?
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    Odd.. my job title isn't listed. So you just look dumb now Wtf is a red dot? If you want to know Target's full time benefits, I suggest you get hired by them, work your ass off like I did, put in your time, and earn them. Health, dental, 401k, eye, vacation, patenity and maternity leave, recognizing gay marriage. That doesn't include perks and discounts for working there (airline, concert, 1800Flowers, Disney, Apple) You clearly know nothing about Target. (My cashiers make more than what Payscale says) Stick to Walmart boo.. you're their target market
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    haven't figured out how to embed a video? U wish it was a wig
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    It's too funny! Don't you see Game, the more he poorly attempts to demean our personal lives the more right he is about if "Janet could've performed Together Again she could've performed 24Play"
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    your employer is Target corporation correct? let's see mIss google, see those numbers would make me cry for real what are the benefits? You can wear a red dot for free cause they can't be that great at a base level that's near minimum wage. www.payscale.comTarget SalariesJob Title Target SalarySales Floor Team Member - Hourly$9.30/hrCashier - Hourly$9.12/hrExecutive Team Leader$58,454Target Cashier - Hourly$9.41/hr
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    Intelligence doesnt threaten me I welcome it, openly because that leads to productivity, here I have not been presented with an intelligent exchange. You keep telling yourself whatever it is that keeps you motivated to do online knock offs of better parodies, and please for the love of God dont use an at best moderately funny online fictitious parody as your main come up on Linkedin, that's why I deleted you, the people I connect with have real jobs in the medical field like myself ...I'm willing to bet if I go look at your linkedin profile that legend's panel is still you're profile shot, not a picture of you graduating a school of some credibility, or even your best three piece suit you can muster up....let me go see
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    every job offers benefits, hell its how much you pay for access and in some cases that's a lot of money ...look I'm proud that Target has offered you some semblance of being a productive member of society at this rate you're out doing Jarryl
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    And we're all doing better than you, here you go lying and taking diggs to hide youre a miserable child trapped in a 40 year olds body, with a fucked up mentality, and serious temperament issues. Everything about you in this thread proves that. I feel sorry for you. Even if there was anything wrong with me or Game or Janet.1824s lives (which there isnt which only makes you look more sad and pathetic for trying to attempt to make it seem like it was) we're young enough to make any necissary changes if we wanted to or needed to. Yet here you are trying to argue with people half your age, youre alot of things, but better, or smarter or more mature or more dignified you most definitely are not
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    And as if it validates his failures and unhappiness
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    thats more of your cult like mentality bullshit and it doesnt flush, when I was in my 20's I had all my own shit, college and a job working fulltime for Chyrsler, by the time I was 24, at 26 I was driving my own brand new convertible, dont try to put your sorry ass shit off on me its not my fault that in a knowledge based 21st century economy none of you have stepped yo dick game up, I was on my hustle at that age, its not about your age its about your constitution and fighting for what you want in life. Don't go laughably doing me any favors like you have any room to feel sorry for anything nor anyone but yourself. Check the record you aint doing better than me if someone's car keys are being thrown at you sorry that's called delusion
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    no that's what you folks have been doing right here, it took three of you muthafuckas to gang up on one member to try to prove some kinda point that you all lost before you started, NONE OF YOU CAN TELL ME SHIT NONE OF YOU CAN SEE ME .......point blank period.
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    Yet despite allegedly having all that, look at the end results....if all that equals where you are now, that's not anything I'd wish on anyone honestly, and it's proof that all that materalistic shit doesn't equal a satisfying life, hell and still can't even comprehend the multi-quote function. Frankly it's sad enough that you honestly think otherwise. I genuinely feel sorry for who you are and how you are. Fact is the delusion is loud in clear, that you don't even know the difference between a parking attendant and a valet worker (neither of which I am currently which is ofcourse another fail for you, if you weren't using outdated platforms like LinkedIn so heavily you'd maybe know that)....another example of college not equaling smart, and it's sad, it's so sad that you can't even see it...kinda funny too, but mostly sad. Maybe it's not too late for you, maybe you can actually try to improve your sad circumstance, it'd clearly take alot of work, but maybe in about a year or ten you'll be able to see how wrong you've been, how sad the life you live is and can successfully take the broken pieces and hollow shells you have to make a better situation for you Hmm, 1 person calling 3 wrong, vs. 3 calling 1 wrong....the proof that we see you all too clear and more than anyone here probably would like to is that you're this rilled up over being easily proven wrong time and time and time again. Nobody's scared of you, everyone can see right through you....and it's more of a sad sight than anything. There's no "trying", we did, and the proof that you're mad about us succeeding is all in your posts and language and attitude.