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    They were cut because of her husband. He's the reason she wouldn't even touch or stand next to another man for years. Just look at how awkward she looked with J.Cole in the music video for "No Sleeep." Given such a sensual song, for her to be fully clothed and not even embrace the male counterpart on the song, it was very obvious it was because of Wissam. That video was not the Janet I know. And I do agree with your point that the real versions need to return. The kids are irrelevant to me, but the new If routine is awful. There are certain routines you just don't modify: Rhythm Nation and If are two of them. If it comes to a point when she can't meet the physical demands of the original choreography, then she just need not perform it. But don't truncate the routine with choreography that looks horrid next to the greatness of Tina Landon's.
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    Unbreakable was a great show and her stating "it's her best tour ever" is just a slogan. Don't read too far into it... it's for hype (every tour is Janet's greatest) Continuing with two female dancers doesn't mean anything Janet doesn't need to sexualize her tour to be great. She doesn't need to grind and kiss some random fan on stage either.
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    BET awards and her opening the show with Control. Swing and everything.
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    I have to agree Will. I love Janet fans. But I don't like the way you all express yourselves and communicate with each other. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, but the negativity and bickering was overwhelming. It's not just here, it's everywhere on the internet. I love Janet's personality and music, so that's where my focus is. I got tired of reading what she should and shouldn't do. I got tired of the back and forth between members. But I'm back on here and janet.club (never thought I'd return, but they're behaving themselves) and I'm doing my weekly blogs, videos, and posts. I spend less time on social media and only check Facebook to share my work and see what's going on with the Janet fans. I'm focused on myself, adulthood, and just living the best I can. I absolutely love "No Sleeep", listen to it almost every day. "Unbreakable" had me in tears. I'll be at the Miami show on September 20th and the Fort Lauderdale show on March 9th (8th row). I pre-ordered the album during the pre-sale and I'm not watching any videos until after the Miami show.
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    Plain and simple...yall drove everyone away. All the ones who left including myself still communicate on other social media outlets on a regular. People on this board have made this place horrible with negativity amongst Janet or each other, favoritism, bullying, immaturity etc. I personally peek in here and there to see if there's any news I may have missed somewhere else. But I never speak because really everyone who I got along with in the first place who didn't give negative energy I still speak to all the time.


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