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    Just bought my ticket for opening night in Lafayette!!!! I hope hope HOPE Janet does the meet n greet that night!!
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    Whole next episode leaked now. Hackers ain't playing.
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    Yep... I love alternate versions! I'd love to see a different take of I Get Lonely. There are so many cool sets on that video (mannequin/snake dress) but we mostly see flashes of it. The choreography is dope tho... I understand why cut all the rest LOL
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    Agreed, the only things I REALLY love about this remix is how her voice stands out (but it doesn't match the music), and the 2nd guitar solo.
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    she's going to have all types of strength to. Watching her daughter die. She is going to fuck some shit up. I hope she drops Cersi
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    Bran is useless. I'm the 3 eyed raven. So the fuck what. There is a war going on. Use your magic to help or STFU. Khaleesi was feeling herself and now she has to beg John after asking him to bend a knee. Her war plan was the worst. Everyone is dead now.
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    So true! Janet really has to love that artist to come out like that. Missy is her girl so I'm not surprised. It's so exciting to see Janet out and about. It feels like old times. It feels like we got her back.
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    Here is video of Janet leaving Missy Elliott's FYF festival performance last night
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