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    Janet told Terry to write the lyrics for DJ and Jimmy said what and Janet said "I don't have anything to talk about" and Jimmy told her "then we shouldn't be making an album"
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    The one-two punch of Come Back To Me and The Body That Loves You was too much for me. My friend Keith was two rows behind me and got my reaction to it. I lost my mind!! You can hear me screaming and having a holy ghost moment!
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    I loved it! Hearing those harmonies...omggggggg And I wish I could have some of those stripped downed/ demo like versions of some of those songs. They were like candy to my ears...It was also cool to hear how some of the blends were created for some of her music. This is mos def worth the listen!!
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    This is EXACTLY what her legacy needs out there. Now if this could gain some exposure, I'd be happy. Janet puts in the work and passion. Jimmy & Terry are geniuses and incomparably talented!
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    I was interviewed across the street at the fans pre-show meet and greet. I got there before the meet and greet was supposed to start and the fans that put it together were already there with the crew. Paulette is usually walking around the arena, talking to fans and taking pictures and videos. She's very approachable and very nice, smiled the whole time we were talking. Has a very warm and welcoming energy.
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    This is the best "fan-made" anything! Legit sounds polished and produced and sleek beyond belief.. so well done.. u all need to hear this like now
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    I just want to point out by the way - there was shit talked about her performing 24play & fans wanting to hear it.....well look now. Fan requests & consistent asks prevails.
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    She's making me sooooooooo happy this tour. Just to see her face and tearing the stage down. I can see it in her face she misses touring and hearing the people scream and shout for her. I know she feels the crown back on her head. Ain't no bitch coming for her!
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    Keyvon docu already aired. It was okay. It was great seeing Janet in those behind the scene footages especially on Scream. I can't wait to hear the fan made one. Because it will deal with mostly Janet. I have to be honest I wanted to skip through Keyvon's docu because I was only interested in the Janet parts.
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    The pictures don't do her justice. She's easy on the eyes. SUPER nice. We spoke for about 5 minutes (British connection) and she's so grateful to be working with Janet. I complimented her and thanked her for getting Janet in better shape. She says that Janet is easy to work with and is extremely nice.
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    Dallas was basically sold out. There was no closing off at the top. It was packed and hot as hell when we tried to exit the venue. lol too many damn people
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    oh and I have no voice right now. I just recorded feedback. I really wanted to live in the moment and take it all in and really just enjoy the show and seeing my girl slay the stage. I'll film more come Oct 19th in KCMO
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    Me and my bestie went to the show last night here in Dallas! That INTRO IS THE BEST INTRO OF ANY JANET TOUR! Idc... lol I said it! She doesn't look anyones 51 nor moves like she's 51. She gave birth 8 months ago. Nothing is stopping this woman when it comes to PERFORMING! She was sassy as fuck, had a bunch of attitude and even got ratchet when Cardi B came on. lol What About performance was very very powerful. The whole show is just amazing. the lighting is crazy.
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    http://www.elle.com/fashion/a12228328/janet-jackson-tour-costumes/Since first announcing she'd have to postpone her Unbreakable World Tour, fans have waited with bated breath for Janet Jackson to return. After a year off and a tour name change, the artist is back, kicking off the State of the World Tour earlier last week. Known for her iconic concert looks (ahem, Rhythm Nation and Velvet Rope) the costumes for the 56 city tour are expected to be a visual treat that touch upon...you guessed it...the current state of the world. We caught up with stylist/costume designer Robert Behar about what fans can expect from the highly anticipated tour.How did you start working with Janet?Janet and I met through a mutual friend who was her makeup artist and we started to work from that moment on. The energy was right I guess. We clicked very well and we started moving on from there. It’s been a long time, since 2005. You get the memo that she’s going to go on tour. What’s the first step you have to take? First and foremost a conversation with Janet. There are a lot of conversations, we talk about things, we change our mind a few times before we get to something we feel comfortable with and think about the theme or a mood we want to represent. It's about a mood versus a look and a feeling versus a look. Then we just keep on knocking it down until we get there—sketches, conversations, texts. What were the conversations you had about this tour in particular?We talk about the dancers—she always places everybody before her. She’s a very kind, generous human being. They’re not done as a group, they’re done as individuals. What was the mood you were going for with this tour? The title of the tour says it all. It’s really the state of the world. What’s going on, how we feel, about the problems and the unnecessary violence—things like that. How does that translate into the clothing?There's a futuristic, urban quality to the clothing. A more gritty and raw kind of look, but still with the elegance and sophistication that she brings to each show. You guys will be blown away by this. After the conversations, what's next? I’ll sit with Janet and we’ll free sketch bits and bits together. I try to read her vision as well and as much as possible from the get-go. Then I’ll start to put proper sketches with colors and details. Once we have a look that we like through the sketches, then the next big element is the fabrication. We try to keep things very sophisticated. And manipulate the fabrication to keep the material looking very chic and very nice, but ensure it still has the easy that she and the dancers need to move in. How long does that process take? The process of talking about them and creating them on paper takes a couple of months. Are you still tweaking before she goes on stage?Absolutely. Remember they’re all dancers—and she’s an incredible professional and perfectionist—so she will rehearse the entire show twice a day right before the tour starts. By that time, everybody has lost weight. Everyone’s bodies have transformed from the hard workout every day. And you keep that in mind when sourcing fabrics? Absolutely. And since we work with fabrics that don’t give we’ll create multiples of costumes in different sizes. With the muscle transformation (the calves are going to get bigger, the glutes are going to get bigger, the stomach is going to slim down) we do that since on tour there’s no time to re-create a garment. How much does Janet weigh-in on costumes?She weighs in on everything. Something I love people to know about Janet is that we're always checking the look and considering the details until the very end. Like, if we raise this collar the necks will look longer or if we tighten this area it’ll look better for the garment. She looks at every detail and every garment and every rehearsal with her notes. Tell us about the shoes!We collaborated with Nike on the sneakers the dancers are wearing this year. Jerry [Lorenzo] of Fear of God's also done a section of clothing for us that is very exciting and fresh. We love Jerry. Going back to the footwear, Janet is dancing in Rick Owens. Footwear is so important. We tweak the shoes a lot to hold the ankles and hold the foot; allow the foot to bend but not bend too much and all of those details. We put straps on the Nikes to hold the ankles—things like that.When you’re discussing tour looks with Janet do you guys reference what you’ve done in the past or come up with something completely new? We will reference details like where a jacket hits on the hips or how pants hit on the legs. But I think she’s like me: when the door is closed, we have to move on. She is a fashion icon as well and is revered so she wants to evolve. I will say, we are doing for one little throwback for this show. A little one. It’s to an iconic look. It’s very minimal, though, and I hope people will get to see it and enjoy.
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    So I'm back! I had to step away so I didn't get any spoilers and I'm so glad I did that! She killed it last night in Dallas. SOTW has shaped up to he my favorite for a few reasons. By far this is the best put together set list she has done. She remained VERY on theme with this set list. To me the opening of this show is the most impactful & when she walks out like a GENERAL I couldn't contain myself. Also, NO ONE can tell me there is no value in fans consistently asking & pushing for things. The "don't complain be thankful" mindset would not have gotten us - 24PLAY, Island Life, The Body that Loves You, New Agenda - LIKE WTF!! I love the relevance of the concept & this is the Janet I fell in love with. The one who sttacks things head on. ALSO there's so much meaning in it. The Bodak Yellow is performed during WHYDFML - knowing her relationship status the lyrics "You couldn't fuck with me if you wanted to, I don't gotta dance I make money moves, quick to cut a Nigga off so don't get comfortable" mixed with WHYDFML is a direct shot. I have so much I want to say but I know this post can get long, but I'll say Janet delivered the best she has delivered in MANY years. Honestly idk if fans will like this said or not but the truth is, the "breakdown" & cry is a part of the act. She's not breaking down every night because it's too emotional. She's performing it like she did on VR a& like she used to "cry" during Again back on the Janet tour. She literally cries on cue, says the same thing, & mixes it with the show. So MAYBE some nights it does hit her hard, but every show seems to get the "this is me" & covered face and break down. So I don't think this is her not being able to naturally contain herself. The dancers & band even seem to know it's coming & wait for it & know when to move after it. The lighting is even prepared for it. IJS
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    2 of my friends were there tonight. I guess my friend got his wife surprise bday tickets. We'll see. Even if it wasn't it was definitely a lot of people there. She went a little extra hard going off to Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" lol
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    They said Dallas was sold out tonight.
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    Mannnnnnn Janet ATE the stage TONIGHT HURR IN DALLAS!!!! Cardi B's track had a lil extended play during "What have you done for me lately" Janet even started to get crunk wit it lmaooo. Man I wish I woulda recorded it, but i was gettin' my life! The arena was packed, btw. It was an awesome turn-out.
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    She looks good asf! I'm a straight female and even I wanna eat the kitty...there I fucking said it. All that ass....
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    we are here for Janet, nothing else matters, its time to put that "stuff" to the side and get to the arena, dance yo ass off, show the love, let her feel the love and keep it moving....
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    I heard Kevin was making $85k a day doing Janet's makeup. Can't wait to watch. I DVR it.
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    GOD DAMNIT I love candid Janet her whole being when she's behind the scenes, I'm so grateful for every glimpse, this had great mentions and moments. My fave moments were her "My face is so rouuund..." lol. And all the shots and moments of her in the makeup chair for Scream. About him though, Goddamn, did he live 1 hell of a life, so inspiring, yet so sad, but so much to celebrate him for, glad this now exists to teach us all more about who he was and what his story was, fantastic person, and yea I agree with Dayz for sure on that, HANDS DOWN THE best Janet makeup artist (I love me some Preston too tho), but Kevyn bought out her features like nobody else ever has sense or before him. He had a gift with them colors & brushes on those women's faces, every 1 of them. I cant get over....that he found & met his birth mother, & started what looked like a relationship with her & his biological family, and then when he told her he's gay, she basically disowned him again. And then spoke to the cameras of this documentary with very little remorse about that, just...."If I raised him, he wouldn't have been gay, cause I'd beat it out of him"....that kind of unapologetic destructive ignorance just hurts me to my core. Giving him up at birth was clearly the best thing that could happen to his life (I loved his adopted father), its too bad by all accounts, that wasn't ever clear to him.
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    Just started it, and I'm like 4mins in and they've already shown Janet twice
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    Can't let these petty concert venues Start to jade your point of view Only thing that will do is bring you down...so you Need to change your vibe The sun will continue to shine Put it in you mind That Janet could give a good gotdamn. Leave this shit behind And move on with your life The blindfold been off my eyes.. But I wanna see for you Better Days. Shit.