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    Finally coming down ... Philly show was mindblowing, floor seat 10 rows away from the stage. #BROOKLYN was outright speechless row 6. The way Janet murdered that staged, played with the crowd. I would love to hear new music as a reflection of her current space.. Phil and NY, I was shot by her offical camera man. Joey is funny and gil was a cunt but oh well lol . NEWARK, the crowd was lack luster but the dancers showed out and little John is so nice .. take a look at this Custom Made Jacket i rocked https://www.instagram.com/p/BblD25QnZ49/
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    So I just got in from the Baltimore show. This is her third best tour behind TVR and RWU respectively. I got there around 7:45 and the DJ was playing PYHO, I was kinda shocked. There was some jackass in the audience screaming to the DJ to play MJ, and I'm just like ugh. DJ played the Kaytranada remix of "If" and everyone seemed to like it. Then the DJ played "Remember The Time" and a bunch of other J5/MJ songs, and I was just over it and ready for the show to start. So Janet came out around 8:30. Delievered. The first half of the show just punched - hit after hit, just full energy nonstop. It might have been where I was sitting, but the music was too loud. I couldn't really hear Janet singing, but that didn't really matter. It's one thing to see Janet dance in videos, but to see it live is a vastly different experience. Her technical prowess through dance is truly unmatched. Her agility, coordination, and flexibility are still very sharp considering that she's 51. With a bit more control and energy, she could give DJ/20YO level of greatness. The way she communicates ideas through movement is surreal. One thing that really stood out to me is that I notice a lot of legacy acts typically rely on the nostalgia of their music to carry their performances. The performance is that great, but the music is still good and people love the song(s). So they can kinda get away with giving a so-so performance. I feel like a lot of Janet's music is in a transition point to where she's not just performing hits, but she's performing bona fide classics. So Janet keeps the songs fresh by delivering new choreography, while keeping elements of the original routines in the performance. For example, the way she ends TTWLG. She keeps the little side step and the snaps with the "collapse" at the end, yet everything else is new choreography. I always have reservations about Janet doing AN(DS), but she murked that shit. Agility was just immaculate. Same with "Nasty", dear GAWD. MURKED that shit. Same with the AFY breakdown. "What About" is the reason why Janet is incontestably the greatest female entertainer ever. The storytelling of that performance is very hard to watch. And yes, I did get teary eyed. I think Janet needs a bit of improvement in areas where she's altered choreography, like "If", for example. I think she should focus more on showmanship - having dancers on stage telling us a story through movement. The second verse choreo is kinda "eh", if you get what I'm talking about. Same kinda with the new songs she did for the first time. She's gotta present them better, esp since it's the first time these songs are being performed. Like "Island Life". It was great that she did it, but she just sat on the steps the whole time. It was like "Okay, I guess ". So basically, the greatness of the show lies in Janet keeping the show fresh by bringing new choreography to the songs, changing the set list, while maintaining elements that define "Janet Jackson". With more production (better wardrobe, visuals, etc), the show could've been so much better. I might need to re-watch the RN and janet. Tours, but as it stands, for me it's her best tour following TVR and RWU. I think I can now unmute Janet on Twitter, and raise my status from "casual listener" to "familiar with her work fan".
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    So the Detroit show was either sold out or very close to it, lots of folks showed up to see Janet. The crowd was again like a UN meeting lots of different nationalities and races, young and old. I had a nice center section seat, and I say it was nice because of the stage setup, there's a lot to see and enjoy but if you are off to either side of the stage you dont get the full impact of the stage lay out because the three projection screens have the two in front and the one that sits in the middle is further back. Now on this crowd, these people were out of control, trying to jump seats to where they saw empty spots on the floor, only to have security escort them out. I saw one guy that he got into some kinda argument with security, and security keep coming back to him for some reason, that was until the cops came and they took his ass away. I dont know what folks were thinking, but security was amped up and out in full force, they cracked down on camera phones hard core, if you were on the floor filming and within reach, security made it a point to stop anyone they could from filming, hadn't seen that happen at any show ever! They did not play over the phones. The crowd was jam packed and I noticed the sound system was louder and pounding harder than the previous show in Toledo. Janet did thank the crowd for showing so much love because it was a bigger capacity venue and folks really showed up and showed out. So many women wearing different Janet "looks" it was really cool that so many planned out to show the love. I noticed a few things that were different, since it is Halloween, the band at some point put on masks and were behind Janet playing and she had no idea they were wearing Halloween masks. At one point the kid dancers came out in Halloween M&M costumes soooo cute. I also noticed this time performing What About, Janet immediately got emotional almost crying at the start of the song, and she got herself together but that segment means a lot to her..... So below a few pics
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    Oh God, I have to follow Kishi's review Okay so Im going to try to make this as brief and to the point as possible. The Toledo stop on the tour did very well, it was quite packed and I did not see many empty seats. It was very well received. Janet delivered as always but we have to recognize all of her team in this show, the band, the dancers the creative director, Gil. These folks work so hard and as a die hard fan I have nothing but love for them. I did not take any pictures nor video, the idea just came to me as soon as the show started and I noticed people all around me instead of dancing and jamming out they were standing there holding their phones still. I met Kishi, he is such a sweetheart and so cute we were like buddies the entire night! I also saw Dom from Xone great guy he's going to Detroit's show tonight too. The setlist was amazing, I purposely limited a lot of my viewing of anything on YT because I did want to be surprised, I did not know how the show ended, but let's say I did end up in tears crying. At 51, Janet keeps up that energy level, and I give it up for her the respect for having the mental and physical strength to endure a set list as varied as she has and continue to be energetic, I found myself dancing so hard that I only sat down in my chair because I had to rest. I concur with Kishi Janet did look at us a few times I do believe, because when fans dance their asses off Janet feeds on that energy, another reason to put ya damn camera phones down folks I caught up with another long time Janet fan at the show, Matt, he lives in my hometown city, and he was all about going to see the tour buses after the show, so I said sure why not, so with him and Kishi we sat out to find the tour buses. Mind you I have never thought to do that before it seems a lil aggressive to me but it was well rewarded. We did in fact run into Gil, I always thought Gil was a bit cold to fans at moments, what I now feel after being around him is the man is simply guarded, not everyone is going to be your bestie the moment they meet you especially if they dont know you, so Gil is cool, unfortanetly it was cold out too and I do believe everyone headed directly to Detroit after the show so no stops made in Toledo for them. The women dancers had just showered and I did hug and wish Alex a happy belated birthday she smelled soooooo good, I told her "God you smell really good" she told me "I just showered" below is our picture together Gil is off to the side I did not get a picture with him but I did hug him and wished him safe travels.
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    Looks like she's headlining another festival this summer, Panorama, which is basically the NYC version of Coachella. Janet is the headliner on Saturday. (Jul 28) I'm into it! http://www.complex.com/music/2018/01/panorama-2018-lineup https://www.spin.com/2018/01/2018-panorama-lineup/
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    I apologize again for the inconvenience y’all. I couldn’t even get in to the Admin control panel to send y’all the bulk mail. Just know that if I pulled the plug for good, I would tell you all but I have no intention of doing that anytime soon.
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    I had an amazing nice time. My mother and her boyfriend, relatives, and friends were all so happy to see Janet. Many of them were seeing her for the first time and/or waiting for 2 years to see the show. We were in section 4 row A (so technically 8th row). I went with Stephen and sat in the same row as my co-workers. Got to see many familiar JanFam faces from Janet Xone, Myspace, and Facebook. I met Joey, Farrenton, and Alex (got a picture with her) in the lobby.During Nasty, she had NERD & Rihanna's Lemon mixed in.During All Nite, I was doing the choreography and during the tick tock movement towards the end, Janet was looking at me doing the same moves!!Fort Lauderdale made me proud. Very high energy crowd. Deborah Cox lives in Fort Lauderdale and was in the audience. Gorgeous!The jumping in Together Again and the choreography for Rhythm Nation have me wore out and tore up!
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    ...Required voice identification.. Kieko its me ...Confirmed! Hello Voodoo. Loading all comment and complaints...what can I do for you... Find me a fuck to give ...Confirmed. Unable to find a fuck... Thank you. I feel better now. It's time this discussion moved on to bigger and better things. ...I can tell that you still care... No. I dont know. I think her tour is incredible and so does the general public...confused as to why her failures are being brought up for the sake of being right but it is what it is. I mean Janet is always capable of So Much Betta, but I digress.
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    I did it. I deserve the praise! You likey? I followed your suggestion to use a tour photo. You were the only person who responded to my thread. Thanks Angie for putting it up.
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    Sittin back like: ".............................................................post the message.........NOW"
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    State Of The World Tour grossed $33.4 million! She was the 4th highest grossing touring female act in North America for 2017. Average Ticket Price: $73.14 Average Attendance Per Show: 8,154 Total Tickets Sold: 456,633 Average Gross Per Show: $596,429 https://www.pollstar.com/Chart/2018/01/2017YearEndTop200NorthAmericanTours_622.pdf
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    It was AMAZING!!! She started promptly at 810p.. I just grabbed my beer an a $50 shirt like an ass hat that I am haha My seat was amazing.. I sang through every song. The guy to my right was jamming, the gays to my left sucked ass. I kept bumping into them both I was hoping for Scream but it’s cool. Some songs she could have shortened and extended others but it’s cool.. the crowd got hype during Nasty, MYM, WITOY, RN, AFY, STCML... They did a Janet chant for a minute. The show went by sooo quickly but I stood the entire time. Like non-stop hit after hit. She even sang STCML which I think replaced Island Life.. I’m not mad at that at all. STCML is life.. I was shocked she sang it. I recorded that and Well Traveled fully CLE was packed and rowdy but I doubt her best crowd. Mix audience of race, age, but mostly women. All in all CLE Loves Janet.. 4.5/5 Crowns By far the best show of the three shows I’ve witnessed. My soul is cleansed
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    Janet at her State Of The World Tour After Party in Brooklyn With: Naomi Campbell QuestLove Maxwell Her Good Times Co-Star Ralph Carter
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    I get the arguments against Janet playing bigger venues, but she's in a precarious position when it comes to touring. Janet is a global superstar... she's got fans in every market. But figuring our how many fans will show to a concert is never an easy task, especially for an artist that has been out of the spotlight, or has a spotty record of consistently performing dates. Is it possible to have a massive "sell-out" run by playing a bunch of theaters?? Sure, but that means a ton more shows per market and a more taxing time on the artist and performers, for smaller albeit enthusiastic crowds. The other option? Go for arenas and even if you can't sell out, power through the show and keep your commitments. Then the next time, fans will know that the tour is happening, because they heard from their friends how EPIC you were the last time. As long as you can make enough to cover your operating costs, this is the strategy that tends to be the best. What I love about SOTW is that it is about as lean and mean as an artist of Janet's caliber could get away with on a tour, yet it totally does the job. She's not spending tons of money on elaborate sets, a bunch of costume changes or pyro/ effects. Which means those savings can be applied to other areas. How much is Janet spending on operating expenses?? My rough estimate based on what some of the more expensive arena tours tend to cost... 10k to secure the date for a venue, 20-40k to rent the venue on performance day 20k to pay for the venue's staff. 100k per performance = pay, living costs for the tour staff 30-50k some sort of cut to LiveNation, possibly paid beforehand to guarantee the tour. Total operating expenses = $200k So if that rough estimate were true, that means that the venues where ticket sales were lower would still be net money makers for Janet, even if they didn't make a bunch. It's quite possible that Janet cleared $100k or more profit from a show where the house was 50% full. At the same time, she gets a chance to test out her best performing markets JUST IN CASE there is a tour re-vamp around new music for 2018. I suspect that if there is an international SOTW leg in early 2018, it might be followed up by a 20-30 date trek around North America which would see near full to sold out at every venue.
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    The Entertainment Tonight report coming through with super clear video. GAWD she is stunning. http://www.etonline.com/janet-jackson-speaks-her-heart-edgy-jumpsuit-accepts-music-icon-award-out100-gala-watch-90833
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    Toledo show was VERY CUTE!I did meet up with TDAWESOME from Janet Club and his friend at Ice beforehand for dinner. Nice folks!It was in the 40s temperature wise outside, but I chatted with fans outside for an hour. Most of the people I spoke to haven't seen her before, but are life time fans. Quite a few teens and kids that are big fans of hers were there with parents who also love her. Sat 4 row on the right side. Ran into Bailey, who was sitting right in front of me. I've already seen the show once, but seriously, seeing it for the second time was soooo good. I love the setlist, the lights, the dancers, the band, the arrangements, Janet, and the crowd was packed. They were dancing so much when DJ Aktive was playing (he should've played longer, a lot of the audience wanted more of a warm up). Loved little moments like Janet waving, blowing a kiss, and looking at me!! During Throb, Janet is having a blast and goofing off. When Alex is dancing, she keeps yelling "Alex! Ar-TIST. Ar-TISTE!" and moving her hands around in a cute way. Dom was going AWF and her earring fell off and Janet picked it up and kept laughing. Guero twerked during his introduction and let's just say I'm in love with him now! The ballads section is my favorite. She totally vibes during this one and she pays close attention to the fans who know the song and sing it out loud or snap fingers or wave their hands. I personally love Well Traveled as a song and a closer. No, I don't think it's a farewell to us. People have speculated that she won't be touring anymore since Rockwitchu Tour haha. And she's proven us wrong. I think it's a cute "thank you guys, now go home" song! No more of the typical After the show, I spoke to Gil, Allison, Alex, Mishay, and Dom. I appreciate it because it was too cold and they didn't have to come out and see us. It was only about 5 of us, but GIl asked security to open the gate and let us speak to them and get a picture. I know he was cold, wanted to smoke, and get into bed, but he knows us diehard fans are crazy and just want to fawn and fan out. So excited for Detroit. I know it's going to be packt and lit!
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    Me @ the State Of The World tour I Had the BESTTTTTTTTTTTT FUCKIN TIME!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone loved my shirt.
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    Sis framed it in a Valentine's day message. #StrategicNet
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    Janet with Gabrielle Union at the Brooklyn After Party
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    But Beat's point is that Austin and The Shadow act as if Janet was gonna be completely selling out all the dates when the odds were stacked against her in the first place by the cancelling/postponing and ticket refund issues surrounding the Unbreakable tour. SHE WAS GOING TO HAVE SOME ISSUES ON THIS 2ND ROUND REGARDLESS even if she did a 100 interviews but since she didn't do the 100 interviews Austin and the other "fans" are still mad, bothered and heated about it, even tho they aren't getting a check in the mail.
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