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    It's kinda accurate though. Janet's shows always have me sore, sweaty, tired, emotional, and worn out after.
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    Boy Bye! Christian Bale will eat Ben alive as Batman lol. Yeah Wonder Woman's intro was lovely but after that the film still dragged in the beginning. Flash was funny and I like that they didn't go overboard with the humor. I loved Jason Momoa as Aquaman. That man right there is just... Anyway I loved Superman and can't wait for his next movie.
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    There was a short clip of some black dude in the front row at Janet's show screaming and jumping up and down with excitement and he literally collapsed to the ground for a few seconds. Janet zapped all his energy lol
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    Death and Return of Superman is totes not a spoiler. It is literally one of his biggest stories. As soon as you knew he was fighting Doomsday you know what's coming. Anyway, I heard the CGI is super sketchy in this thing. As soon as I read they were having to CGI cavil's mustache off for the reshoots I was like yeahhhhh. Saw so many complaints about it lol I will still give them some matinee cash later this week maybe, they need the money after the underwhelming opening
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    so hype, I will watch the clip later, I again appreciate Kelly because she's out there stanning, and doing what she can, if Janet agreed to sit down I'm sure we would see it
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    Lol even tho she has had Tina on the show like 3 times, I will say I hear something new each time . Kelly is a good interviewer
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    lol Well I enjoyed the video. Its good to hear some behind the scenes details regarding the VRT. I wish we had some bts footage from that tour.
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    She did well for her time.. time moves on..things evolve.. let her time stay preserved in it's special place instead of yall keep tryna resurrect it. Its 2017 not 1997 Besides Kelly is still celebrating the anniversary of The Velvet Rope so it would have nothing to do with no surprise of Tina working with Janet ..it would be about her time, working close with Janet during that period.
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