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    There was no concept to Discipline. There were just songs & to make it SEEM like there was a concept she basically would use the definition of discipline to sell it. I don't think the album was bad though but it didn't have a concept
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    Janet paints a vivid picture and vibe of pure bliss. From them vocals, to harmony, to arrangement and melody. This song falls right in line with When I think of you and Escapade, just happy and carefree. I'm so confused with the Dislike of the Damita Jo project. The critics disapproved (After the SB, FYI all media out lets work together), Fans believed, musically the album was all over the place which is something I do not understand. I assumed the fans appreciated Janet's ability to smash all genre, throw backs and new trends of music. The album was not dated nor cheesy and Janet wanted to experiment which I respect as an artist. I came across Non Janet fans who to this day LOVE the DJ album. I believe this album will be a gem once she is no longer alive which is a shame.
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    Some fans are trying to go along with Jimmy just cause he didn't like sharing the studio with other producers and some are just saying it cause it wasn't as successful. I guarantee if that album sold more they would be praising it. Actually as the years passed more fans have appreciated it more than they used to.
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    At a birthday party for one of the wardrobe assistants
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    How SZA’s 'CTRL' Compares To Janet Jackson’s 'Control' Album
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    Island Life>>> someone to call my love ..
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    Yeah and that's one of the performances I was talking about when I gave my review of the show back in September how at times it was hard to hear her. She didn't hit the vocal highlights. During the pre-chorus "What better way than to wind down, streets paved in harmony." and the rest of that part you couldn't hear her. And let's not talk about Madonna who's dumb ass chose to sing Britney's "Toxic" for World Aids Day a few days ago. Social media lit her ass up not to mention she sounded like a cat about to be put down. And the nerve of her to tag Britney lol
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    Take the DJ album we got with all the bonus an unreleased music on DJ and repackage it and there is a great album to be had, making it the best album of that decade for her. Fate just did it in unfortunately. I definitely remember Donnie Simpson on the radio here in DC that the DJ album he got to hear at a listening session was not the one released. I just think they swirched it up a bit after the super bowl.
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    The critics didn’t like it. There was no concept and it’ll as a whole is it her bottom album. It’s Cheesy and experimenting is fine but DJ & Discipline both went sour when Janet decided not to be Janet and decided to be some pop star The album isn’t a gem now... it doesn’t and won’t become one when she passes... much like any legend that passes... their bottom of the barrel albums don’t become better