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    I somehow missed this bit of news from last month in Indianapolis The tweet was unbelievable: THE Janet Jackson was spotted shopping at City Market. "Was she really there? Yes, I talked to her. And she’s adorable," City Market Executive Director Stevi Stoesz said. Jackson visited the day after her Nov. 26 show at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. She chatted with U-Relish owner Cara Dafforn and tasted the stand's food. No photos of Jackson and her two companions were allowed, but the Gary native was gracious and kind, and she flashed a big smile, Stoesz said
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    Prior to Damita Jo, Janet had something to say whether that was self-control, social justice, sexuality, vulnerability, or independence.. That stopped at Damita Jo. She didn’t have anything to say. The things she said was pretty good but still.. no one wanted to hear her give head to Jermaine Dupri.. no one yet somehow that made the record. Janet became predictable 20 was a “celebration” to Control which is a terrible reason to create an album in the 21st Century. “Classic Janet with a modern twist” It would have worked if it weren’t for Jermaine Dupri and the hype he brought at the time Discipline was a collection of songs made for Janet without any concept whatsoever. She literally made up a concept during Discipline’s pre-album release promo and fans noticed that after listening to the album and wasn’t too happy. She said the album was about being disciplined and strict but that was literal not the case at all. That promo tour was weird.
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    Damita Jo was the result of Janet running out of fresh ideas and being uninspired. As an album, it flowed better than All For You but the songs didn't give me the sonically innovative Janet that I am accustomed to hearing instead it gave me basic and generic. There was no experimentation present on that album, those producers she enlisted could have delivered them songs to any other R&B chick and they could have still worked. Up until DJ, Janet has always had a theme going on throughout her projects...with Damita Jo came that pitiful tagline describing the album as 'the different levels of love'....bitch didn't know how to describe it...I guess it's better than 'classic me with a modern twist'...Chile..I can't tell you how happy I am that Unbreakable exist
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    Uh, Joe. We all know that album didn't have a concept.
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    Wasn't the album complete by SB? DJ ticks the mixed genre box surely? if it had been a sales success (which I think it coulda been prior to the SB) some of you would be thinking very differently
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    You didn't have to scold me like that..I was just wondering..
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    Why does mixing blue and yellow make green? Why does the Roman Colosseum still stand as one of the world's greatest structures? Why did that girl have to call in and get a bitch together for Rihanna and Cisus? You're asking a question that science can not answer.
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    wrong, sorry boo boo.....a person can come out swinging as hard and as loud with it as they may wish, but if it falls on deaf ears, its not going to happen. Janet as a brand had a complete meltdown, the media only cared about talking about the SB, remember David Letterman? and the red dress? One can only do so much and for the record if memory serves my old ass correct, Janet did all that promo and performing a plenty all over the world, not just the US during DJ, and it simply didnt work....we all know a tour was in the works, but at that point radio pulled the plug and ended new music hits from Janet that probably would be heard today. Janet eventually saw the truth and she pulled the plug and went back to being Janet Jackson the human being not the superstar Icon because the public turned on her so damn hard.....ya'll up in here like you got solutions that weren't there
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    I'm sorry but Janet's back was up against the wall, folks were coming at her at all angles, she was blackballed/blacklisted, folks questioning her legacy, people were trying to compare her to the new it girls and shit...to me she needed to come out swinging and remind bitches who the fuck she was but instead we got ASMR, ocean sounds and Babyface ...DJ was cute for her casual R&B fans but the fans who adore when she mixes genres, shows signs of aggression and says something profound were left frustrated and defeated. With all the push back she needed a knockout album with minimum flaws and with songs that slapped you upside the head, DJ was not that album. They could have denied her all they wanted but if that music was ALOT better...you couldn't deny that.
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    Totally agree. If sales were solid and everyone praised it I believe that the fans would have embraced it and I agree with Csmitty. Janet is a visual artist first and foremost. We are accustom to seeing at least 7 videos if not all 7 on tour per album. DJ was cut short with 2 urban videos (again BET only played Janet and the urban community do not purchase music), we got " I want you" which was nominated by the Grammy performed once, "Don't stop" which was performed 3 times on TV and never played on the radio, JALW which video was scraped and R&B junkie was pulled from radio... We as fans did not have that full Janet experience.
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    Good point, I actually at first didn't like the Bag An Arthur stuff but it grew on me and it's still really good, ANDS, Put Your Hands an an Im Here. I wish the all would have made the album it would have given it a different vibe than any of her other albums.
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    And not to mention it was her first time actually diving into new kinds of music that she's always wanted to do. Who knows how long she's been wanting to do music with a Euro feel to it like "SloLove" or how about tropical sounding music like "Spending Time With U" and "Island Life". I guess some fans haven't even paid attention to that. I remember at first listen I didn't like "SloLove". I wasn't used to Janet doing that kind of music, but I said to myself "Let me try and be open-minded, listen to it a few more times, and explore this new sound a little like Janet did." Now it's in my top 10 tracks from Janet of all time.
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    Now this I can understand but let's also keep the time table in perspective. Super Bowl was February, and had EVERY intention on being the promo start for DJ which was released a month later. DJ was already done. She already had that direction & that's where she was at the time. I believe she COULD have fought back but avoided it and her back was against the wall but the timetable she didn't really have time to do that. The album was done.
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    “Same ol’ songs.. draggin me down..not good for my body”..
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    DJ wasn’t bad.. not her best but def not her worst.. from my recollection, Confessions was a better R&B album at the time and DJ didn’t live up to what it could’ve been, mostly due to the SB fallout and lack of radio play..
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    Honestly, I think DJ had a very easy to read theme & it literally was a representation of her life at the time. She had JUST went public with JD & they had been dating in honeymoon phase for a while - their entire relationship became REAL while on an island vacation together. Which is why the album predominantly sounds like it's rooted on an island. He was introducing/influencing new sides of herself i.e. Atlanta's strip club culture - which introduced us to Strawberry Bounce. The whole album talks about love in a very new found way...those many characters reference was a direct correlation to the fact of her being her FULL self at the time in this new relationship. It sounds personally like AFY without the independence of being single. The only songs I'm not crazy about are LYDLM & ANDS - which gets a pass because I love the choreography & like to see it performed live but the song has always been kinda eh. Lastly, it has some great ballads IWY & TBME, and ummm Janet & JD both are major fans of oral which has always been rumored (from multiple women he's been with) to be something he's great at - which is why the sex tracks were centered around oral. The song not only had theme it was relevant to where she was.
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    Some fans are trying to go along with Jimmy just cause he didn't like sharing the studio with other producers and some are just saying it cause it wasn't as successful. I guarantee if that album sold more they would be praising it. Actually as the years passed more fans have appreciated it more than they used to.
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    Take the DJ album we got with all the bonus an unreleased music on DJ and repackage it and there is a great album to be had, making it the best album of that decade for her. Fate just did it in unfortunately. I definitely remember Donnie Simpson on the radio here in DC that the DJ album he got to hear at a listening session was not the one released. I just think they swirched it up a bit after the super bowl.
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    Dream Street and 20 YO are the bottom of the barrel, actually they're underneath the barrel..lol She introduced Strawberry, the album was all about SEX and pleasing her baby on different levels. Is that not a concept? Not to mention she killed SNL and JAY LENO.
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    At a birthday party for one of the wardrobe assistants
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    Island Life>>> someone to call my love ..
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    I'm not counting interludes as "staple tracks" I'm showing how the interludes - like they always had were the thread of the theme. "How empty of me to be so full of you", "We're in a race between education & catastrophe", "To a world sick with racism get well soon", "You know you want me" Each of those interludes were threading between tracks. They showed the theme, direction, insight of creative thought, deliberate concept of tracks & album. Janet has had multiple songs that mention sex throughout the years but I don't consider them sexual songs. AFY is about being single & independent & guys fear to approach but she talks about him having a nice package to ride. You're willfully missing the concept by watering the tracks down. Janet was LITERALLY creating that album in honeymoon phase with her & JD. From island hopping to fucking continuously she was back in love. You just didn't like what she felt at that time. Now what could be argued is she avoided the heat and didn't fight back against what she was facing. So she came out with an album diverting the attention but nonetheless most of the album was already done. It came out in March so it shows you where she was before the fiasco.
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    Actually a fan a long time ago gave the breakdown of the conception of Discipline. The whole album is like a story ending with "Curtains". I'll try to explain it later cause it's too much to type
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    The critics didn’t like it. There was no concept and it’ll as a whole is it her bottom album. It’s Cheesy and experimenting is fine but DJ & Discipline both went sour when Janet decided not to be Janet and decided to be some pop star The album isn’t a gem now... it doesn’t and won’t become one when she passes... much like any legend that passes... their bottom of the barrel albums don’t become better