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      Each member has a warning percentage - most of them are at zero right now but a few have been warned before. Each warning is worth 10%, and once it gets to 100% the member is automatically banned from the forum. 

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    I had an amazing nice time. My mother and her boyfriend, relatives, and friends were all so happy to see Janet. Many of them were seeing her for the first time and/or waiting for 2 years to see the show. We were in section 4 row A (so technically 8th row). I went with Stephen and sat in the same row as my co-workers. Got to see many familiar JanFam faces from Janet Xone, Myspace, and Facebook. I met Joey, Farrenton, and Alex (got a picture with her) in the lobby.During Nasty, she had NERD & Rihanna's Lemon mixed in.During All Nite, I was doing the choreography and during the tick tock movement towards the end, Janet was looking at me doing the same moves!!Fort Lauderdale made me proud. Very high energy crowd. Deborah Cox lives in Fort Lauderdale and was in the audience. Gorgeous!The jumping in Together Again and the choreography for Rhythm Nation have me wore out and tore up!
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    This Saturday, deliverance is imminent. The sacred time is near. For SHE is our MOTHER.
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    gil said janet will not be posting any pictures of eissa and she hasnt, all the pics we've seen of him has been out in public. janet has only posted one pic of her son and that was his very first pic at 3months old. how can wissam have a problem with the baby's pictures being posted when he clearly calls the pap everytime he takes him to the park, and since his pics all came from the daily mail and the face wasnt blurred he gave permission for them to post the baby. from everybody's account janet is a hands on mother, so it would be unreasonable to think her baby would never be seen out and about with her.
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    Janet Jackson is a style chameleon. The 51-year-old singer/actress/new mom can flawlessly transition from cherub-faced girl next door to sex siren to sizzling dance queen. Helping her convey these many personas is Robért Behar, Jackson’s chief stylist and costume designer for more than a decade. His job is to make sure that “all details of the garment work and move and have a purpose,” he said in a phone interview from California. “There is nothing done frivolously; everything is in the right spot at the right time.” Hampton Roads concertgoers will get a chance to see how art, science and mood come together in the costuming for the “State of the World” tour tonight at Scope in Norfolk. In his arresting French accent, Behar discussed what it is like working with a down-to-earth icon, and what it takes to make her feel at ease in a constant dance routine. Here are excerpts. Q. Walk us from conceptualization to actualization when it comes to a tour, and how this differs from prepping Janet for red carpet appearances. A. A red carpet appearance is just one moment. It’s a matter of making Janet, ‘Janet’ for that moment. A tour is a whole different thing because a tour is manufacturing her inspiration, manufacturing her visual, her view of what the tour is about. When we work on a tour, we always start conversations with images, references, collecting some months before. Janet always makes you feel welcome, feel comfortable to express yourself. She is absolutely fantastic that way. She also is the creator of all the things. I’m able to be in (the process of) sketching and design, but I listen to her. It is a fantastic and unique collaboration. Q. How is the costuming meant to reflect the mood of “State of the World”?A. Janet represents a very powerful human being, a strong woman, but at the same time a certain softness. Normally we’d go into a futuristic approach to the costumes. At this point in time we went for a more approachable and a more street (take), but still remaining in futuristic ways. That’s the expression of the state of the world – slightly dark, slightly light, too, because we use a lot of white. It’s a mix of the world and all its beauty. Q. Janet is no stranger to touring and the importance of image. What things are you two doing differently now than, say, for the more pared-down feel of the last tour, “Up and Close and Personal,” in 2011? How are you pushing her to evolve? A. (Chuckles) We don’t push Janet to evolve. Janet constantly evolves. This is what I always say to her, “Thank you for allowing me to be a better me.” She always has pushed me to further the look, to strengthen the image, and stuff like that. When it comes to creating, we have to remember that her tour is almost a straight hour and a half of dancing. We have to work around that; we have to work around finding exceptional fabrics that also are appropriate and help her throughout the show to be able to dance 90 minutes long. So we evolved with the fabrics. We’re always looking for stretch fabrics that allow her to bring her arm all the way up and bring it down, and the garment doesn’t look crazy, or for her to go down and do the move to the floor, come up and still look intact. I’m always in search of new and improved material. For example, the one that we have right now on tour is a bond and stretch, and it’s matte – it doesn’t shine; it has an elegance to it. Janet is an incredibly elegant woman. We want to keep that in mind – and also being able to dance. ... So it’s sort of a puzzle to allow her to be active, but still look on point. Q. I’m guessing there are multiples of costumes? A. Absolutely. ... Multiples of costumes for her, multiples of costumers for the dancers. There is always enough in case there is an accident. Listen, they dance. I have never seen people dance that hard, you know. The clothes have to be unbreakable. But that is not the reality of things, so there is a backup. Q. Are you present at every tour stop? A. No. We create the wardrobe. I do a few runs with her and then halfway through I’ll do another couple more, just to make sure that everything is on point all the time. Q. How would the woman who is not a superstar channel Janet’s effervescence when it comes to style? A. (He interrupts the question, laughing.) She’s got to be born with it! She’s got to be born with it! What reflects Janet is individuality, and when a woman is an individual not driven by outside sources, is doing her own thing, that’s when the magic happens – the grace and the elegance and the charisma comes. Because that makes you unique.
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    Exactly! I was surprised the venues and cities they choose for the Unbreakable tour in the UK. Two dates in London will be enough, people outside London can travel if they want to see her, it's not that far. Even though I was lucky to see the SOTW in New York I will definitely be buying tickets again if she comes to the UK. Hope it's true!
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    Yes, sort of. Fans attending shows are being interviewed and we have seen camera guys in some of the behind the scenes stuff but there has been no official confirmation from Janet or Netflix.
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    Glad you had a good time. I saw that you were there with Will. He said Janet pointed at him too and i'm guessing cause he was dressed the same as she was lol. I know she was like "Oh snap he's wearing my fit." I thought you were shorter than Will but in the pic y'all look the same height. Yeah I was doing the Rhythm Nation choreography and after the show my body was like "don't do that shit again bitch" I need to get back in the gym although my body looks just fine.
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    Celebrity parents can legally request to have their child’s face obscured in UK publications. A lot of editors obscure children’s faces anyway as a legal precaution unless they have permission from the parents to show the children’s faces. In the US the law varies from state to state so it is harder for parents to request this.
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    He is just the cutest little snookums and such a chilled out baby
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    I went to the 2nd show on the 14th. Crazy cause a few other Janet fans that I knew went to the show on the 13 and we would've all ran into each other had I chose that date.
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    Speculation = you literally made that up Youre not adding anything but pure bullshit you literally made up Quit making shit up There is no speculation, you do NOT know Wissam’s opinion and you cannot base it off “he's private”, & there is no court order regarding paparazzi
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    1) Yes there is... There’s this set 2) You are the one who claims there is a court order which you literally pulled out you ass. 3) 9x out of ten, the celeb or their publicist calls the paparazzi. She went ghost multiple times 4) the UK blurs the face of Children for some reason. The US does not. The pix that are blurred were used from an UK-based media company. The legendary @MorganR posted photos without the blur
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    you dont know what's going on in court, we do know Gil said Eissa and pictures was some kinda issue, and the pics we do see are all just her walking in public, I wish to hell you would stop trying to equate things that dont really matter, enjoy the damn pics .....I swear if I ever meet you again
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    Right! Neither do you tho so why you making shit up? No one else is making up shit Gil only said that Janet would not be taking photos with Eissa in public but here we are... Looking at beautiful photos of Eissa (basically Gil was “wrong” once again) Gil did not mention her court battle I wish to a fictitious location that you would stop making up facts based on nothing
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    Court proceedings comes with the territory of divorce. What is “and what not”? Can you elaborate on that? Thanks Gil was asked. He answered a fan’s question
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    what not as in how much money she gone get paid cause she gonna get paid, honey she better bust his ass
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