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    I hope his new song is a bop because Bruno Mars adding a Cardi B feature to his song Finesse was a genius move. Let the tell of two Michaels commence. Justin going back to his country roots may not be the move. We shall see. And can we leave Janet out of this, my goodness...let that shit go.
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    he's just like any other wanna be down white dude wanna party with a n-word but too scared to go to jail with one ....
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    Justin Timberlake Basically Told Me All Lives Matter Last Night https://www.google.com/amp/www.phillymag.com/news/2016/06/27/justin-timberlake-bet-awards-tweet/%3famp=1
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    He has turned his back on people time and time again to only holster himself up on an even higher pedestal than he’s already been handed.. -he did members of Nsync wrong back in the day -he cried to his mommy on punk’d -he never told Britney he was going to have a dead-on-look-alike in his video -we already know the backstabbingness he provided to janet -he basically used the phrase “All Lives Matter” when confronted by a black twitter user asking him to stop appropriating black culture the guy has showed his true character time and time again and because of his white privilege he’s given the pass time and time again.. idk how anyone, let alone a black person, can seriously look at themselves in the mirror and profess their fandom for someone like him.
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    Bro u Stan for JT so tough it’s almost comical.. you’re pretending as if he’s some musical messiah who’s specifically come to shove his dick down ur throat.. like ur def allowed to have ur own opinions about him but the tone of your statements so far is just really weird and off-putting.. the guy is mediocre at best and wouldn’t be anywhere near his level of celebrity had it not been for a large handful of black people hoisting him up for him to stand on their shoulders.
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    let me just say this, its uber ratchet as hell to name yo babies after drinks. Cardi B is actually named Bacardi, and she has a sister named Hennessey
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    I just say shit to say shit. I don’t know her discography like that but I’m happy to see her collaborate with Nicki Minaj
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    No, she's definitely going to have more solo hits. No Limit is #5 and Motorsport is #7, both are killing it on urban radio and her features on those tracks are getting the most attention. Not sure how Bartier Cardi will do or if it will last. But it's a cute debut. La Modelo is definitely going to be a huge worldwide hit in Latin countries. Ozuna is the king right now of reggaeton with his fine self. And tonight, the Finesse remix with Bruno Mars is coming and it'll just add to her growing tally of hits!
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    Yup he can take that blue grass shit on back home to where he came from before he decided to be a culture vulture
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    This is all about Janet. JT was trending and it was mainly because people were dragging him because of Janet and him going back to his Nazi roots.
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    and I dont care what anyone says, with JT doing the SB, timing for new Janet and more touring as came from her lips in Atlanta couldnt be more perfect, dont miss this chance to one up gurl....time to have that album polished and ready and to kick off in Europe
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    waiting on Janet to drop her new music release date and announce her second leg of the SOTW European tour