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    I love how you can’t address a single thing that I commented on either....you just turn to “oh you’re bitter and you don’t like it”... but Normandy.... PLEASE ADDRESS WHY he bit off Michael fkn Jackson soooooo hard in this new video! why is he doing the circle glide that MJ made famous? why is he grabbing his crotch like MJ? why is he doing the forward scoot like MJ? why is it all focused on a dancing robot (machine) like MJ? why is the guy fkn MOONWALKING in his own video?! you cannot answer these questions and I suspect even you YOURSELF was lowkey taken aback in first viewing of this video and you had to have uttered to yourself under your breath “my god he’s copying Janet’s brother more than ever”.. ? I absolutely don’t HATE jt, he’s rather talented and he has made some stand out songs (Blue Ocean Floor is a gem), but I do HATE what he does and doesn’t do by rarely acknowledging his practice of taking from one community and passing it off and selling it to the masses as something he created and perfected... oh don’t get it twisted Norma, I get it.... its YOU who doesn’t.. ??‍♂️
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    *accidental double post* but I’ll use this space to comment on the song itself...... its not very good..... a lot of people don’t like it.. just ask Twitter
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    That new video is seriously such a ripoff of MJ, probably the most he’s ever straight up copied him since his first album. I mean the guy legit fkn moonwalks in the video....MOONWALKS! ??‍♂️ ALL that poppin-n-lockin-n-dancing-machining it up is another example of stealing from the black man and use it as his own.. its more obvious in that one video alone than I could’ve imagined it being lol
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    Now see folks.. THIS is how u pay tribute to the past! (Not by doing all sorts of dance moves attributed to a single legendary artist and attempting to pass them off as your own *ahem* JT *cough*)... I love everything about this.... check it out!
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    The video is much better than the song. It's different for him..not sure how radio will respond to this.
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    The fact that youd have to look proves my point alone, but the fact you gotta scroll down so far to see that damn near honorable mention wheres the list he topped? Hell he performed at the Oscars last year & nobody cared lol The debut single from the debut album of the co-lead singer & most visible and relevent member of arguably 1 of the top boy bands of all time didnt make the top 10.......youd have a point if it was no promo or video....but it had both....what it didn't have was a controversy of sort to push it to #1.... I know, he gets by on A LOTTA help from his friends.... ....
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    Since always, Nobody has ever said or reported that Justin was the best perforner of any award show hes performed at (unlike both Bruno or Usher). Hes like Bieber the bulk of his fans love him for his soft looks, nobody considers him a performance beast of his time or any other. He ONLY gets high praises for his comedic acting....if thats all you meant I could squint to see that, but hes never blown ANY real performers out of an award show the way most of his peers could and how Bruno does today. Eh same ol routine, we'll almost never come to a common ground on 80% of anything about him, we're both a bit over the top in our debates on him in opposite ends but you know I loves you bitch, and he aint worth changing that over There was an article recently that pointed out he used both Janet & Britney to get where he is, they pointed out how his 1st solo single was a disappointment, and what really took cry me a river off was controversy that it was about Britney only to be capitalized by using a lookalike in the video to push that further, that basically hea always gotten by on the backs of something or someone else. But I forgot that completely about the 1st album, shame tho cry me a river is 1 of his 5 good songs
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    He has turned his back on people time and time again to only holster himself up on an even higher pedestal than he’s already been handed.. -he did members of Nsync wrong back in the day -he cried to his mommy on punk’d -he never told Britney he was going to have a dead-on-look-alike in his video -we already know the backstabbingness he provided to janet -he basically used the phrase “All Lives Matter” when confronted by a black twitter user asking him to stop appropriating black culture the guy has showed his true character time and time again and because of his white privilege he’s given the pass time and time again.. idk how anyone, let alone a black person, can seriously look at themselves in the mirror and profess their fandom for someone like him.
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    Bro u Stan for JT so tough it’s almost comical.. you’re pretending as if he’s some musical messiah who’s specifically come to shove his dick down ur throat.. like ur def allowed to have ur own opinions about him but the tone of your statements so far is just really weird and off-putting.. the guy is mediocre at best and wouldn’t be anywhere near his level of celebrity had it not been for a large handful of black people hoisting him up for him to stand on their shoulders.
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    Storm was the only one to say this is Jean returning, she know her bestie. Everyone else just thinks its another Phoenix event maybe not necessarily Jean returning. All the teams scattered to important Xmen event locations worldwide. Only good thing that came out of that tired story was young ice man forcing Bobby to admit he likes dick and come out. Now hes gay as fuck and Shadowcat is his official fag hag. And he's already a potential gay homewrecker. Rictor comes on to him at the mansion and says he and Shatterstar are on a "break" if he wants to hook up. Even Daken is sniffing around being passive aggressive trying to get a relatively fresh piece of that icy ass.
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    Well erm, maybe considering its after Cant Be Good that the album become becomes unlistenable for me. I often forget about Cant Be Good and that it was a single of sorts...very underappreciated gem.
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    waiting on Janet to drop her new music release date and announce her second leg of the SOTW European tour
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    and I dont care what anyone says, with JT doing the SB, timing for new Janet and more touring as came from her lips in Atlanta couldnt be more perfect, dont miss this chance to one up gurl....time to have that album polished and ready and to kick off in Europe
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    I can feel it.....I just dont want all the talk to be about how JT did Janet so greasy and Janet isn't even talking or taking action, Im good on her not talking she didnt on this US leg so what do yo thang, BUT....the public will favor Janet soooooooo much when the JT SB talk gets in high gear trust and believe
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    Just because you wanna sniff JT''s butt crack doesn't make anything said about the white wash in music NOT true Who named you the one to decide whose an artist and who isn't? I'm pretty sure Stephanie Mills is further from being a puppet than you, she doesn't work for Target I hope someday you get to smell dat white man's ass because you want to so bad
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    do we know this for a fact? Because We thought Wissam's birthday was January 1st and it wasnt
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    The four usual suspects: the bitter MJ fan - never satisfied.. thinks everything is about MJ. The bitter Janet Fan - bitter about the Super Bowl, will find the smallest inconvenience and twist it The hypocrite - invests money in JT including floor sears at the highest grossing tour.. Spends hours listening to JT The Village Idiot... posts about nothing to prove nothing else I get it. Y’all don’t like him for whatever reason ??‍♂️ No one cares