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    Ch....you know Janet is a successful artist and very high net worth individual who has never had financial problems.
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    I've always had an issue with Mariah having a black and white version of her songs. I've always gave that bitch a side eye. She is culture vulture adjacent and I gag whenever she is rewarded for it.
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    Christina is a white woman stahp. She benefits from white features and has a white aesthetic...cut it out. Bruno Mars is not black and he constantly gets a pass....he is a culture vulture to some extent and benefits from being racially ambiguous. Let's not. If we gonna keep it real let's keep it all the way funky.
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    How you gonna tell someone to stop holding onto anger and hate when all y’all ever do it complain about how JT ruined Janet’s career? Can’t blame Janet, right? How many posts did you read of Dayz to give some fake analysis of his life. Maybe you should go back and reread your own posts for a chance Being Naive can happen at any age. Ask the elder how many people stole money from them over the phone/internet. And people rarely change.
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    Why you gotta post dumb shit like that?
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    I love that Danielle in it and I love that In Living Color homage including the sample of the theme song. However, there were a lot of people tweeting about how Cardi and Bruno are...well i'll let y'all see one of the many tweets saying something like this.
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    looks like Bruno is holding JT off of that number 1 Itunes spot for now
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    Honey. I was just being nice. If you have to ask who I am, I have the booty, I have the beauty and I have the intelligence but I don't have the time.
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    That's good to be an independent act but that pales in comparison of that divorce bag she bought to acquire. Get money bitch.
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    Wooooooooooooooooow ? “...the song, which follows 2016’s narcotic No. 1 smash “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” is among the worst he’s ever released.” -Entertainment Weekly http://ew.com/music/2018/01/05/justin-timberlake-filthy-single-ew-review/?utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&xid=socialflow_facebook_entertainmentweekly
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    that's great news especially when all box office wasn't reported I know Detroit had to be a good stop that shit was packed
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    State Of The World Tour grossed $33.4 million! She was the 4th highest grossing touring female act in North America for 2017. Average Ticket Price: $73.14 Average Attendance Per Show: 8,154 Total Tickets Sold: 456,633 Average Gross Per Show: $596,429 https://www.pollstar.com/Chart/2018/01/2017YearEndTop200NorthAmericanTours_622.pdf
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    You are so fucking immature and pathetic to talk down on someone based on where they work. Children do shit like that, not somebody old enough to be a grandfather. You should be ashamed of yourself
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    I want to like the song, but something in the beat won’t let me. Which is strange cause I generally like/love Tim and Danja. The “haters gonna say it’s fake” hook is my favorite part, even though it’s cheezy. And he looks alright in those pants in the vid.
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    How is Christina a culture vulture when she's actually been praising Blacks and tributing them since she was a child? There's a reason why NO ONE has ever called Christina that so let's not. As for Bruno i've never liked him, he's talented, but he does nothing for me and he's ugly. Justin has been using blacks as his marketing machine since he went solo and the one time he had a chance to help a Black person who was drowning he didn't even throw out a life jacket. I ain't got time. Your analogy was a fail.
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    Let me be on my Keenu Reeves right quick and play Devils Advocate...some people in here are going hard on Justin calling him a culture vulture but I see them praise Christina Aguilera And Bruno Mars ?....How Sway?! If y'all mad at him because he exposed Janet's titty and almost ended her career THATS fine..I get it but let's no talk about people stealing from black culture because that is problematic as fuck. End
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    It's clear he's going through a midlife crisis. I mean to make an unnecessary personal attack just cus someone doesn't care what Stephanie Mills says like that's his YOUNGER sister or something..? Really? I have completely seen it ALL now. Cancelled.
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    Who are you???? I dont play with stranger s
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    boy when do you......nevermind, you take this shit waaaay too seriously and here I was reading your responses in various threads trying so hard to take you seriously and accept you to show you it can be done, we dont have to hate on each other, we dont, I dont know you, so I kinda was reading to get to know , and for the record Ive said some crazy shit over the years, but people do change and grow ....learn from that open your mind ...stop holding anger and hatred it doesnt serve you well it simply doesnt midlife crisis, again there you are about age, something u stick to, for the record and your receipts I dont look nor feel outta my 30's and in some experiences Im quite naive ...thats truth, I dont have to defend truth it defends itself....Im simply me.
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    I enjoy Game, he is engaging, I do NOT agree with everything he says nor does, but as far as he is concerned we've been in this game together for almost a decade, we are ALL Janfam, and it aint a good look to fight amongst ourselves... I see Norman he gets his nut on this stuff, and I aint mad, when we do disagree it gets messy, but for the most part I am the most come back to the table and work it out mofo you're gonna find here, I dont honestly feel any negativity here towards anyone because most of u I will never meet, and sadly most of you are people that are very much worthy of meeting I can only imagine a dinner with Voodoo so crazy I had dinner with Norman, he smiles a lot and talks a lot I appreciated that during the RWY tour because Ive met Janet fans that were not welcoming like that at all
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    The reason why nobody has really said anything about Christina appropriating black culture was because she was never as big as some of her contemporaries. But don't be fooled, there have been discussions on that white hoe. And I don't give a whet donkey shit who she tributes at a young age, that Timberlake was on Mike's nuts before he got hair on his balls...so Congratulations! You played yourself All of your favs are problematic...that's why I only Stan for original prototypes..Janet and Erykah...two very proud black women who changed the game. Let Justin alone.