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    So I heard that Justin is now getting dragged for wearing a #TimesUp pin but worked with Woody Allen in the past or is going to work with the problematic director and when asked about working with him he said something like he 'i don't get into all of that'...is this true Game
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    The only redeeming thing about this upcoming Superbowl.
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    she profiting from her own culture by representing her culture? She changed her appearance to be considered more "ethnic" even though her last name is Aguilera?
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    State Of The World Tour grossed $33.4 million! She was the 4th highest grossing touring female act in North America for 2017. Average Ticket Price: $73.14 Average Attendance Per Show: 8,154 Total Tickets Sold: 456,633 Average Gross Per Show: $596,429 https://www.pollstar.com/Chart/2018/01/2017YearEndTop200NorthAmericanTours_622.pdf
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    More than likely to be the only thing worth remembering it or talking about it for
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    Just to be clear...I was playing devil's advocate when I brought up Christina and Bruno and just because you don't see it people are talking about Bruno Mars being a culture vulture and Christina name is brought up when it comes to the discussion of Blue Eyed soul and them being more popular than R&B acts. But I digress... Justin...like the ones that was previously stated...is problematic. I don't have a dog in this fight, I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy. If you don't like Justin for what Janet allowed him to do on that stage...then fine but that appropriation shit is for the birds if you Stan for artist who do the same thing.
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    Besides the Alma awards who clearly made up that award to use that white woman for views and clicks....all of them other publications just regurgitate that title because her management told them that's how she likes to be introduced...kinda like MJ and the King of Pop and Mary and her Queen of Hip Hop soul...only they earned those titles...Christina is a generic pop act who is as confused as her nationality as she is the genre of music she wants to do. She might have been in the running to be the voice of a her generation but now her voice sounds exactly like that plastic surgery she recently had...A MESS! #HarpoWhoDisWoman You may not see her as a cultural vulture but she swagger jacked Mariah and Pink at some point in her short lived career.
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    3/13/2018 — Toronto, ON — Air Canada Centre 3/18/2018 — Washington, DC — Capital One Arena 3/21/2018 — New York, NY — Madison Square Garden 3/25/2018 — Newark, NJ — Prudential Center 3/27/2018 — Chicago, IL — United Center 3/31/2018 — Cleveland, OH — Quicken Loans Arena 4/2/2018 — Detroit, MI — Little Caesars Arena 4/4/2018 — Boston, MA — TD Garden 4/8/2018 — Montreal, QC — Bell Centre 4/12/2018 — Salt Lake City, UT — Vivint Smart Home Arena 4/14/2018 — Las Vegas, NV — T-Mobile Arena 4/24/2018 — San Jose, CA — SAP Center 4/28/2018 — Los Angeles, CA — The Forum 5/2/2018 — Phoenix, AZ — Talking Stick Resort Arena 5/5/2018 — Tulsa, OK — BOK Center 5/7/2018 — Columbus, OH — Nationwide Arena 5/9/2018 — Nashville, TN — Bridgestone Arena 5/11/2018 — Atlanta, GA — Infinite Energy Arena 5/14/2018 — Orlando, FL — Amway Center 5/15/2018 — Tampa, FL — Amalie Arena 5/18/2018 — Miami, FL — American Airlines Arena 5/19/2018 — Ft. Lauderdale, FL — BB&T Center 5/23/2018 — Houston, TX — Toyota Center 5/27/2018 — Dallas, TX — American Airlines Center 5/30/2018 — Memphis, TN — FedEx Forum
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    .....I'll just leave these here for anyone else who don't know or understand Latino & Hiphop history...honestly...I'm sadly disappointed that so many are so unaware. http://umich.edu/~ac213/student_projects06/tylaxe/justifying.html http://www.latina.com/entertainment/music/most-influential-latinos-hip-hop-history http://hiphop.latina.com So again the lesson is .........LATINOS DON'T APPROPRIATE HIPHIP BECAUSE HIP HOP CULTURE INVOLVES THEM TOO......... SO lets end this sidetrack with facts....you factually can't compare Justin appropriating to any Latino artist doing what's apart of their culture since as long as it's been apart of black culture... AND it still doesn't change Justin used ALM redirect in a BLM discussion or the fact that he & his new song is trash and being dragged for FILTH. Good job on the distraction, but facts are facts.
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    I got more time on my hands now so thought I would start with this. I'm currently watching the episode where it turns out Christian Slater is his dad ! I don't like "kinda all over the place"
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    i finally got round to watching Mr Robot...been bingeing on season 1 all evening. enjoyable but got a feeling it needs a maximum of two series only. I wanna try American Gods next.
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    I'm currently in the upside down still looking for the lies Eleven posted....nope still can't find one.
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    Something went wrong with her vocals as a bubble drifted pass her voice during Again..'Dont ever let me go'..but she quickly recovered and put a few extra runs at the end. They kept that in the show tho......'oooo didn't quite hit that note...that wasn't such a good time'
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    You said literally. Point remains #Contextiskey
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    This is seriously the best documentary ever. He's such an amazing guy for doing both documentaries.
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    Ch....you know Janet is a successful artist and very high net worth individual who has never had financial problems.
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    some of y'all are delirious ....you're so consumed...in all your Doom... Justin's beautiful no matter what you say...words won't bring him down...His career is beautiful in every single way...your words won't bring it down...so don't you bring me down today. #AllLivesMatter #CreoleLivesMatterMostTho #AskBeyonce #UntilTheEndOfTime