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    "loved", sure but now it's Taylor Swift level...they're loving seeing him fall, and he's only supporting the push back. I WASN'T READY FOR ALL THEM FACTS & DRAGGING!! I'm so glad this is what I saw (posted by quite a few people) when I woke up today
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    Yes I’m such a trump supporter that I voted for Hillary in the only state that matters. I know how to push buttons and yo button is PUSHED When did Justin do Propofol? When was his cosmetic surgeries? MJ was so abused and mentally incapable that he took illegal hospital drugs he learned about from his hundreds of cosmetic surgeries to help him sleep and hired a doctor who would get it for him. Yet.. here you are... a huge fan. MJ was so abused he pretended to birth two white children yet here you are.. continue to Stan for a drugged up man child. Have fun with that. I don’t honestly care what JT did to get his paycheck. I’m neither here for it nor do I care about Woody Racist Allen. Yes. I will do anything to make myself not a person of color? Wtf I know you’re a fan of mine and all and I appreciate all the support, good and bad but You of all people don’t get to define what I can or cannot say, do, listen to... what I’m offended by and not. You cannot put me into some category of what black People should commit to. I’m my own person and I don’t listen to you. I don’t follow the black sheeple who tells me I can’t be gay or I can’t show emotion bc I’m male or that I can’t dress, act a certain way. I’m my own individual and YOU do not know me despite you knowing things about me. Never forget that music, art is not about race. It’s sad when people turn art into “race relations”. Let artists, like Justin, do his thing and let consumers, like myself, enjoy it. If you don’t like it then ??‍♂️ I don’t Stan for Timberlake. You just mad af bc I came for MJ’s childish ass bc I chose to enjoy great music from the world’s best living male act ??‍♂️ Janet doesn’t dictate who I can or can’t enjoy listening to. Wtf I love John Mayer and he’s a womanizer, Britney and she’s a tool, Pink and she’s “masculine”, Mariah and she can’t sing anymore... Drake and he’s... well sexy af Go sip some jesus juice ? and chill. It’s not that serious
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    Gather him boo!!! By the way I feel like being messy so idk if you're late to this but at 1 point Norman indeed wanted no part of being Black.
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    Omg the “whataboutism” is STRONG with this one! You are a true trump supporter through and through and it’s shooooowing lol So petty you are.. talk shit about MJ cuz ur backed into a corner knowing damn well u don’t have a leg to stand on in this debate.. MJ went thru some shit in his life.. JT wasn’t abused physically and mentally as a young child thru adulthood.. JT didn’t have a skin disease at the peak of his global stardom.. JT has done interviews bragging about the drugs he’s taken (a la Rollingstone 2003).. but because he’s white he gets a pass from you and mainstream America.. you are a POS Norman and you know it.. you must be so bitter knowing you weren’t born a white woman ? and you wanna talk shit about those other actors?? Be. My. Guest. But don’t use that as an excuse for your boy.. they can all be wrong simultaneously By this logic since Jt “didn’t know” there’d be this national social movement, then he should be given the all clear to be a hypocrite? Cuz I know for sure everybody, including JT, knew what kind of director they signed up to work for. This is far from the first time voices have been raised in protest of Allen and his work. Norman you would do anything to not make yourself look like the POS you truly are.. you’re an internet troll, a hypocrite by your own statements, you seemingly care very little about your own racial standing in this country yet pretend to be outraged by 45, you stan for two artists who could not be more different in their approach to social injustices....yet you don’t see the blatant idiocy in everything you’ve said in this thread... go get fucked off a cliff
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    The only redeeming thing about this upcoming Superbowl.
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    Who are you talking about at 3am? Who doesn’t like bon fires, forests/nature? Maybe if you had friends who didn’t do meth ??‍♂️ But you keep drinking henny on these colds nights ?? And I’ll do me
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    How you gonna tell someone to stop holding onto anger and hate when all y’all ever do it complain about how JT ruined Janet’s career? Can’t blame Janet, right? How many posts did you read of Dayz to give some fake analysis of his life. Maybe you should go back and reread your own posts for a chance Being Naive can happen at any age. Ask the elder how many people stole money from them over the phone/internet. And people rarely change.
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