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    A few sad people on the internet? Is that why the subject of him and Janet once again hit the media making headlines when it was announced he was doing halftime? And still being discussed in 2018 all because of a few sad people on the internet? Boy just stop
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    To absolve himself of any guilt or responsibility. If Janet forgave him, so can everyone else. But Janet herself never said it and as you pointed out, we don't know how Janet feels.
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    He's stated this for years.. nothing new. The only thing I was stunned by was that him saying the preparation for his segment took 6 months. when all it was was him on a stage rap syncing, a pyro explosion and then ended with him standing on a moving walkway, like in airports.... 6 months?
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    Smash. The original DADDY. Rihanna.
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    Um...you literally just walked into answering "why lie", to be done with that question, and you called yourself out because if no one cared, there wouldn't be a question and a ton of posts & coverage about it.
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    Still working on it, there are a lot of pics missing. But tks I hope to complete it very soon!
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    I could see how someone like Paulette might want to not be in the spotlight, but she got Janet back in shape, not Tony, so Paulette should be speaking
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    I was the one that found this and posted it. You're very welcome.
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    This has been long overdue. Since Khia has been spending the last few years not only disrespecting Janet but the entire family as well,I decided that a solo version of the song that got her somewhat of a hit was necessary. But thankfully Khia's words mean absolutely nothing because the two hits she's had in her entire career besides a crack pipe never managed to hit #1 in the first place. I wish I were able to remove Jermaine's lines from the song,but since no stems/multitracks are online for this song I had to make due with just the instrumental and the main song. And by the way this is not 100% perfect since Khia still managed to sing over the beginnings of Janet's lines in the first and second verses so they start later than they're supposed to.
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    Anytime someone says “believe it/me” they’re automatically lying And don’t know how Janet feels. She’s living life in London. Oop!!!!!!!