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    Grammys are in NYC this year
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    Im feeling right now like she's going to be doing something we will see, so its time to keep a watch on Janet
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    if Janet is showing up at the Grammys her outfit better slaaaaaaayyyyyy, hair and all, I mean drop dead gorgeous....she wont walk the carpet though
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    If it were for Tina Turner, I think she would
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    For Tina Turner? Of course. And I don't think Grammys is the only reason why she's there either. lol
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    True, But she could be presenting to Tina Turner.
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    lol I'm reaching, but Janet, Preston, DJ Active, Daniel Jones are in NYC... Janet's background singer Rebecca James is in NYC too. SO maybe Grammys?
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    Nipples don’t do much for me either ? you see people pinching them and ish but I’m like ... I’m good ??‍♂️ You see people sobbing and babbling over dak and I’m like meh , gimme some thighs instead Oh ... the feeling is mutual ??
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    "I Tonya" it's funny but its sad too worth seeing, only because some of us are old enough to remember the whole incident.... B
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    there's no need for you to wait sweetie, there's plenty of receipts you've left all over the place...you even used the words you just claimed not to have done verbatim no less!
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    I was reaching Game. So y'all really think she is going to continue the tour...? That's so cute.
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    Hey My Loves.. I'm proposing that we boycott him and Monique and stick them somewhere on an abandon island so that way they can blame each other for not being recognized and appreciated for their talents. #ILoveUsForReal
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    I have only seen Get Out and Call me by your Name off the list so far this year. I will probably do Shape of Water next but the premise sounds weird as fuck.
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    When I first saw this I thought they were just pictures of previous performers.
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    Thanks for the 411
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    Some of the sotwkids are on tour with Betty Who but that should be over by April. I think she’ll start back but maybe after a new single and slight revamp.
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    I thought about that too...I don't think it would have as much impact. And I think the setlist would require a change...as much as Ioved that she performed Island Life, WAYN, 24Play etc, they would be mainly lost on European crowds
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    Halsey is at 135 and Mary J Blige is at 150.
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    Is she the only black woman on the list ...okay sis.
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    I really hope that she's coming to Germany with this Tour
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    that's great news especially when all box office wasn't reported I know Detroit had to be a good stop that shit was packed
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    State Of The World Tour grossed $33.4 million! She was the 4th highest grossing touring female act in North America for 2017. Average Ticket Price: $73.14 Average Attendance Per Show: 8,154 Total Tickets Sold: 456,633 Average Gross Per Show: $596,429 https://www.pollstar.com/Chart/2018/01/2017YearEndTop200NorthAmericanTours_622.pdf
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    I have doubts that there’s a second leg