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    Janet was giving you Princess Jasmine couture...Quiet as its kept, that's the outfit that caught Wissams eye. He was in a whole new world after her laid eyes on her. Janet dressed down at a fashion show to not upstage the models...she is after all a humble queen. She is not really thin there either js.
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    You tried it. I said ThinNet can do no wrong...you have yet to give me examples. What fan comes for Pregnant Janet?! Bitch has swole ankles, back problems and her first concern is about her outer appearance...you tripping.
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    She’s in her lounge wear Bish just woke up
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    Of you are referring to her OUT ensemble...you are a gotdamn lie. Janet looked the best she has looked in years. Janet likes fashion and taking risk...you've been a fan way to long to be critical of her now. Keep it cute boo.
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    She looks amazing btw... slay
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    I was referring to Unbreakable's release immediately after the deadline
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    With ThinNet slaying any and everything...that's a given
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    True, But she could be presenting to Tina Turner.
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    I really want to see what her hair looks like down, natural. All that pulling into a bun regularly is not good for your hair or scalp.
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    On sale until Sunday, a lot of fans from Atlanta asked me for it at the party & concert here you go: http://bit.ly/MsJackson
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    All I know is I got an e-mail from her team earlier this week requesting to take down the SOTW tour book scans from JANET.br photo gallery. I never had problems with them about content/posts/pics/videos/copyright... none of that. Only once when Gil did a Instagram live and spilled the tea about the tour/setlist/outfits... Then we wrote down what he said and they asked us to remove it from Facebook "he said none of that", but when the tour started it was all there LOL Anyway... My point is: I did the same thing with UNBREAKABLE. The tour wrapped, I scanned and shared the photoshoot. Nobody said a thing. I did the same with SOTW this week and they ask me to remove it. If the tour is not continuing, they will use those images for something else and we can't share it in high quality on the internet yet. Plus, Preson and Robert Behar were in London this week... I'd say she's cooking something.
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    Khia has actually praised Janet recently and said she was one of her influences growing up. Khia says things for gags and shouldn't be taken so seriously.
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    You asking gets me all horned up. Everyone probably knows I have a foot fetish. Major. It takes over my life sometimes. And what about you?
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    A nice booty obviously Nice thighs Chest (I prefer them a lil flabby)
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    Janet was dressing like a bitch straight out of Wakanda before that was even a popular thing to do...I cannot and will not allow anybody to shade her when she is in her element and stepping outside the box. My only issue with the harem pants is that it wasn't flattering because she was a little too thick...ThinNet pulled them pants off very well. ThinNet cannot do any wrong and you will deal.
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    No its not, that OUT outfit had way too much going on, she had on leather, lace, fur and a train, she had a lot going on there ......chle
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    doubt that, she didnt even bother with submitting her album for Grammys, I think we have to recognize awards are now a joke even the Grammys
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    I might be outta school but I havent forgotten how to read and Ima get you together.. of course you remember now after I named every fabric in fashion available ...again let's check the receipts, fur, leather, lace, a train, ponytail topped off with some obstuse shaped hat as a topping, what was she a sundae ice cream just layer it all on sprinkles and all, some of you fans cannot just say I love you Janet but no to the harem pants, no Janet that's a bit much, still love u
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