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    Let's wish this member a very good birthday ...he's from Detroit! but moved on up to Cali
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    Happy birthday you hot slut.
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    Happy Birthday Jarryl!
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    John Wayne was only a video release the day after the Superbowl and coincided with tour dates being released. Wasn't sent to radio.
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    https://twitter.com/i/moments/956917712319647746 Bitch trended in twitter and no one said shit!! This is huge
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    A rundown of my experience in Toledo and Detroit. All Nite in Detroit. The Knowledge in Toledo.
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    Damn well we know he ain't seeing it for Janet to perform with Justin lol. I totally agree with him, if NFL wants to make it up to Janet then invite her to do her own halftime
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    This isn’t new people. Get over it
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    Now black is her color though, it works, looks classy as hell on her, problem is I can't say some of her fashion moments weren't hits because other fans here will defend the worst no matter what, I'm talking about my fandom is blind can't you see my bias ?
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    Uhhh yeah. She’ll dress in black whenever she wants bc that’s her favorite color to wear doesn’t matter who her designer is.. bitch will slay BLACK