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    Also she did state the she appreciated our support the day before. She just probably really wants to move on from this.
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    It still attaches Janet to the super bowl and she shouldn’t because her legacy is bigger than that so I understand the silence
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    Would replying indicate that she actually cared about Justin performing at the Super Bowl?! Maybe she wants to put all this behind her and by saying something/anything only adds fuel to the fire. Of course she knows and I'm sure she is appreciative. She will address it in her upcoming interview with Essence magazine. Sis got to be strategic.
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    Don't make me go get Elgin Charles to come in here and read the dawg shit out of all of you. He scalped the fuck out of Michael Rapport...good God.
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    ljnnj OMG http://wwkw.hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=310409 250k - 275K To get some perspective, He was supposed to do around 350K before the SB... He performed and instead of increasing the sales (like literally every single artist who performed there) his predictions decreased to 315K and now they are at 250 WITH SPS. Let's wait for the final figures but if this keeps going, Man Of The Woody Allen might not even reach 500K when it's all said and done.
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    Again, none of what you said disproves my initial stance that her trending indeed impacted her career. Just to break it down for you:
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    Repel Charts is wayyy too long. It's like every song she recorded ended up on the album. And some of the lyrics... GURL ... The album is good but at times it feels like a producers work featuring Madonna and not the other way around. How am i supposed to marry you when you say stuff like that?
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    @State of the Game This is why trending matters: https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/janet-jacksons-spotify-streams-surge-after-super-bowl-lii/amp/ Now think about the avenues this creates for Janet.
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    OT but Jimmy Fallon is the fucking PITS. How did someone as cringy and unfunny as that thing booked a huge platform like TTS?! It still makes no sense.
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    Looks like she's headlining another festival this summer, Panorama, which is basically the NYC version of Coachella. Janet is the headliner on Saturday. (Jul 28) I'm into it! http://www.complex.com/music/2018/01/panorama-2018-lineup https://www.spin.com/2018/01/2018-panorama-lineup/
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    Well don't take a decade to watch it.
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    Oh wait. Found more info: http://www.vulture.com/2018/02/scandal-recap-season-7-episode-10.html "There are three of Scandal’s standard funky music cues in “The People v. Olivia Pope,” and they’re all Janet Jackson songs. First, there’s the ebullient “When I Think of You” from Control, used to drive home the idea that Olivia and Fitz’s post-memorial hookup was more than a drunken, irrational act of grief. The title track from Rhythm Nation drops later, when Olivia is defiantly blowing off the handshake deal she made with the former members of her team, and “Black Cat” comes in when Olivia learns her obstinacy has cost her a cushy office in the West Wing and the faith of the president. Scandal has always leaned heavily on pop music to tell its stories, but “The People” is an unusually extreme case. If not for the tunes from Miss Jackson, there would be almost no connective tissue to link these characters and stories together."
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    It really is good planning on her part. A lot of people at this fest prob wouldn't normally go to just a Janet concert but will def stay to watch her because she's a legend and whatnot. And then they'll be blown away. So many new Janet converts by the end of the night.
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    Fuck! Now this is how you do it! Do what these younger artists are doing. Cardi B, SZA, and Gucci Mane are also performing. Keep your name out there Janet! Let the world know you're still *in my Tisha Campbell voice" heeeerrre, heeerrre, heeerrre.
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    This is very dope! Her headlining festivals is a smart move that allows her to get the younger crowd's attention while also keep working without touring. Touring is grueling and can over saturate a market if she weren't to hit Europe and abroad. This keeps her making money in the states.
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    FESTIVAL GODDESS! There must be new music/album on the way!
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    And just like that, less than 12 hours after debuting, his new single Filthy isn’t even in the Top 20 US Twitter Trends anymore... People. Don’t. Like. It. Folks are waking up to the realization that JT is a culture vulture, has rarely contributed any type of significant ideas to the R&B/POP genre as a whole... ...and most importantly, people understand that when the NFL turned its back on the African-American community, and then the African-American community turned its back on the NFL (i.e. Jay-Z not wanting anything to do with the Halftime show, massive boycotts, etc), JT found another prime opportunity to interject himself into the social backlash and basically said to his country “yeah I’ll do it if they won’t”... and Boom now he’s doing the Super Bowl since the NFL couldn’t find anyone else willing to do it for them...once again standing on the backs of black Americans... You cant make this shit up, and Norm is over there ready and willing to try and have JTs man baby
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    No it's not shade if it's true, like if I were to call you an Uncle Tom