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    This all kinda reminds me of a Buffy The Vampire episode. Buffy died at the end of Season 5 ...sacrificing herself to save her sister she dashed across a a high beam and jumped into a portal to stop hell on Earth. The very first episodes of the following season, her friends including two powerful Witches came up with a plan to bring Buffy back from the dead thinking that she must be in some hell dimension and suffering and shit. Surely this act of kindness is our duty since we love and cherish her and need her here with us. They succeed in bringing Buffy back from the dead and Willow (the main Witch and Buffys best friend) is kinda upset that although Buffy seems kinda out of it and not really sure of herself...she still should at least show some gratitude and thank the people who pulled her from the depths of hell helping her back into this wonderful world. And Buffy eventually does thank Willow and her friends but she really doesn't mean it. It turns out that Buffy was actually in heaven minding her business and at peace with the world. She didn't ask for any of this from conception. It's hard for somebody living in a state of Utopia to be pulled back into the dismal mess that they fought so hard to get out of and although it might seem like a nice gesture and they should get over it and be grateful...it's not always that simple. But what do I know, I talk to the dead. BTW, Mike and Prince are still peeved.
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    I am not calling it bullshit, I truly believe everyone from fans to celebs who voiced their support meant to show appreciation, I object to the fact the day just so happen on JT's SB, it makes it seem as if it was more a protest of JT and less a celebration of Janet. If you guys could accomplish what they did Feb. 4 on say May 16 I would be elated. I never once called what was very well accomplished "bullshit" its terrible that in order to garner attention for an Iconic artist like Janet it had to ride on the coat tails of 1. The SB at all, and 2. JT's SB....that attaches Janet directly to something she has clearly shown she wants no part of. There is the bullshit, like the woman can't trend without it being about some controversy.....and now this crazy notion that she should thank everyone for dragging her legacy into the spotlight over the SB and JT NOT her music, not her successful tour, not whats to come from her ...
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    This is actually the perfect analogy! "I think I was in heaven... I think I was in heav--en..."
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    Who’s to say she thought it was a kind gesture? Maybe there’s a reason she only spoke about the Super Bowl 2yrs after the incident, and never addressed it again. Maybe she is over reliving the moment that began her blacklisting. We don’t know how she truly feels about the SB, but maybe being a trending topic on that day was bittersweet for her. If you’re doing a kind deed, just for the sake of being kind. You don’t need any thanks. I wonder if every person Janet has ever given money to has personally thanked her, I doubt it, and I doubt she’s in the business of helping others just for a thank you.
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    Hey guys! You can’t argue with people determined to not understand, are unnecessarily defensive, and suffer from mild stupidity. I don’t really care about her not responding, but every comment doesn’t require fumes. Lolz
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    You're kinda making my point. She didn't want to get in it. That's why she isn't saying anything else regarding or associated with that event. Any she clearly wasn't gonna say or do anything after that until she had another project on the horizon. So I don't understand the point of being offended that she isn't saying anything. She clearly made her stance and was done.
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    I don't even think it's about a thank you more so than some fans feeling Janet should have used the campaign to promote herself, which is beyond tacky. Realistically, it was JT's moment and the campaign was used to combat that, so understandably, Janet doesn't want to get put in it.
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    I like that idea of ATL artists performing at the SB halftime show. Whew..the ratchetedness. I'm ready.
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    Thank you guys Oh so very much for the kind words and Roc, you know I'm a old ho cause you taught me to embrace it I learnt alot....and built up quite a list lol
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    He loves to spin something when he's losing. Hopping from one failed argument to the next.