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    I did it. I deserve the praise! You likey? I followed your suggestion to use a tour photo. You were the only person who responded to my thread. Thanks Angie for putting it up.
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    That's because the base was in shambles. MOTHER used her powers to get us to come together and praise HER name against heretics, false prophets, and non-believers. It worked.
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    Offended, disappointed, still, I find it disingenuous to need for her to say something to validate the campaign.
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    C'mon. Let's be realistic here. What made the Appreciation day successful was the fact that JT performance reignited bad feelings over the fallout and how Janet was affected. But it didnt take away the fact that people sincerely actually liked her music and acknowledged her impact. All in all, there's no need to feel offended at her silence. She's already expressed appreciation for our support.
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    I would say thank you but I didn’t ask for this #RocAppreciationDay
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    You trying to feel entitled for Janet to say something when you really aren't. Why does Janet have to be rude for not saying anything? Some of you are the one's that want to make it controversial. Most fans weren't really expecting anything.
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    A thank you ( or anything she says) will always be welcomed. But some you do don't want to consider why she hasn't or won't say anything.
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    I was waiting for someone to finally use this word.
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    That whole thing imo was beyond the SB..yes, it happened during the SB, but it was a reminder of how iconic and legendary Janet is..when celebrities and media outlets were catching on, then it became somewhat of a movement. I've never witnessed her trending WW for a long period of time since forever. So, for it to happen and go off without a hitch, should be appreciated and thanks should be given. A simple thank you. She didn't have to mention the SB because yes, she had already said her peace. But not one single acknowledgement..kinda ruined the whole thing for me.
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    Hey you guys, it's me Janet And I want to thank you for continued support and for streaming my music during the Super Bowl which I wasn't invited to or even contacted because I am in fact still banned. It's such an honor that you took time out of your day to put extra coins in my already full pockets and acknowledge all those who steal from me. I would say more but I don't want to Quincy Jones the situation. Congrats are in order for the Philadelphia Eagles, but do you know about the Black Eagle? Do you? Stay woke bitches. See you soon.
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