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    This event was added (then deleted) on Janet's Facebook page: This was on Live Nation's website:
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    Yea no, it fit the time it was released in perfectly and is perfectly comparable to her peers and lessors that released. But the article lost me at it being "deep"... ... anyway I even though its her bottom of the barrel I like that their respecting the Queen
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    She knows that her US fans have a lot going on, we need a bit more escapism, we need Janet during this rough patch
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    Nah I would be low key annoyed as fuck! Not even a performance in the continent she is living in but the US gets a second leg ?
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    Three songs tied with three votes. Y’all have terrible taste.
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    You have so much pent up anger and it's not healthy.
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    FB and RWU wouldn't have been bigger hits during the height of EDM? K. Reported.
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