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    Those are from Janetary after she surprised Missy
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    More off-black than anything
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    Rogue and Gambit explore their feelings and whats keeping them apart as they go on a mission to uncover shady dealings at a tropical resort Biiiiitch. You betta throw that southern wet badonkadonk in Remy's FACE.....Thirsty heffa is READY HUNTY
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    I just hope it isn't embarrassingly bad before Marvel can finish getting the rights and restart everything. Cause X-men: Apocalypse was a hot mess Ice Queen Bobby tries to go on a date at the hottest Pho spot in town , PhoGettaboutit. But, Rictor and he both realize over their Pho Tai Bo Vien, this ain't whats cute and Rictor belongs with Shatterstar. Meanwhile Jeansus Christ and her team have been offered political asylum in both Wakanda and Atlantis while the world is still shook over the violent death of the ambassador after Jeans glorious speech. She picked her bestie Storm's royal dick on call, country so they can hang and relax when she flies on for her Dickapointments from her ex husband. Everybody know Wakanda has the latest Oscar winning fashions tew and Jeansus needs the best on the run wardrobe
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    If absolutely nothing else, Janet's shoe game >>>>>>>>>>
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    if I'm honest, I only really like RWU because I wanted to like at least 5 songs from the album. production and video wise it bops and could possibly get more airplay nowadays if it was released. Doesn't mean I think its a great song or that it would be a hit now. FB banged then and still does.
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    The LIES. The album would have to be packed with FB and RWU to be ahead of it's time.
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    You have so much pent up anger and it's not healthy.
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    Wow Black panther is stunning. The whole cast was impressive. The story was very contained, you don't have to have seen another Marvel movie to get into it. But, the acting, the costumes were top notch. This is I would say marvels most serious in tone and its very political, and relevant to today. Killmonger was great. The Dora Milajie were all awesome, strong warriors.