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    I know she ain't as talented. I know Bruno has evolved as an artist but this post is about what he got called out as and that in itself ain't evolving. Justin did the same thing. That ain't evolving.
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    Bruno wrote Forget You before he released Just The Way You Are. Soul/R&B has always been part of his music.
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    If the songs are like Take Care, Truly, China Love, Anything, Where Are You Now, Come Back To Me, The Body That Loves You, and Twenty Foreplay, then yes.
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    I'd be here for JanDELE or JanLINE.
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    These celebs are schoolin fools. http://cnn.it/2GkBioE
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    Bruno’s dope.. she should just replace Bruno’s name with JT and then bam it all makes sense ??‍♂️
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    We know he isn't black. So how come Janet can sample white people's music and not get called out for it? It doesn't make any sense for yall to be this dense.
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    And the words Cultural Appropreation are my pet peeve.
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    People are sponges they absorb everything around them and if he listens to ‘black people music’ then that is going to show in his music. Music transcends all boundaries, are people going to start hating on dark skinned people if they produce music that isn’t rap or hip hop next?
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    She better STAN. Both of them on a track like Every Kind Of Way would be life