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    Oh well get out y’all feelings and wait for the next “hey guys it’s me Jan laying in bed “
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    I actually think Janet doing festivals is a good thing. A lot of people that probably wouldn't go to a janet show have the chance to see her and be like DAMN! I didn't know she was that much of a BAD bitch. This will be a good thing for her brand
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    I actually know and talked to the girl who started all this mess. She has been going after Bruno Mars for years and the reason why I brought him up here when y'all were talking about Justin. The whole discussion came about when Bruno Mars won all the Grammys, then more blacks started to jump on the appropriating train because their fav didn't win. I find it sad that nobody really cared until he started to get successful. Honestly who cares and I say this about Justin as well...if they want to make music they are inspired by...let them. It's up to you to determine if it feels authentic or not...that's the great thing about art.
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    He's not appropriating, but if he ever flops he can always release a spanish song and that Latin crowd will eat it up and praise him the same way they do JLo
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