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    I get being over the stage but we have to realize in order for Janet to make a net profit her overhead has to be within a budget that matches her demand and to her credit they did amazing things with the lighting and the introduction
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    So this thread is baloney? I still haven’t seen Black Panther either. I’m waiting so I can whack off to it in the privacy of my own home.
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    It's just "Titanic" and that is amazing. But I still feel like this could have been posted in the old thread. It just goes to show that people are hungry for different stories and more diverse representation. Now that it is proven to be financially rewarding to do so, I'm sure we will see Hollywood evolving more.
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    20 YO was a reaction to the underperformance of Damita Jo. Discipline was a reaction to Janet wanting to escape Virgin after 20 YO and start fresh with a new label. These were reactionary albums, not albums she made because she wanted to make them. That’s why they failed. Virgin wanted JD because of the success he was having with Usher and Mariah. But JD did not fit Janet’s style at all. If Damita Jo would’ve been more successful, I guarantee neither 20 YO or Discipline would’ve happened.