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    We know her bday is in about a month something will be emerging soon.
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    Agree. Disappointed, not participating, not caring... but I literally put it in my own head that it was gonna be bigger when I knew it wasn’t (no countdown clock)
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    My first submission for #DanceWithJanet - So Excited!
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    I gotta say.. that beat was annoying to listen to.. and her vocals were weak af.. I’d be ok if I never heard this song of hers a 2nd time in my lifetime..
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    oooh Lord! I never heard this song before and i'm glad she did nothing with it. I wanna know who told her it was ok to even attempt to sing like that. I know she whispers on songs but that was like below whispering. No ma'am.
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    Nah I'm truly betting if she hits the road again Europe will be touched.
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    It definitely was the announcement lol in all fairness to Janet though, the only reason why people know & anticipated an announcement is because fans DEEPLY follow/monitor her team members. Janet herself didn't play up a big announcement & then delivered this - this time. BUT we all know music & performances are definitely coming. She's put a new team in place, she is keep her social media engagement consistent & current, she's also doing performance dates. So we'll see when that hits. Question: is the song playing in the background a recognized remix by anyone or is it new?
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