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    I heard she was pretty local. Didn't really venture outside of Gary, Indiana.
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    A quick glance through the charts, sales, and pop culture thread should tell you everything you need to know.
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    Yeah, I don't love it as much as I used to. It's not even top 3 worthy tbh
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    Janet's touring history was massive she did arena tours with very elaborate staging for most of her touring history, and she accomplished this in markets outside the US from Europe to Asia, and Australia. They love Janet in Japan I believe it was the RN tour she played back to back sold out nights in the Tokyo Dome which is a stadium.....people have to give credit and not forget Janet was a black female artist that crossed racial boundaries and toured the planet successfully. That was not the rule for black female acts, but rather the exception, only a handful of Black females can claim as much as Janet, all names would be familiar. The only market I can think of Janet never has hit is Latin America
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    In the 80's she wasn't that big at all until the latter part of the decade with only one successful album under her belt going into her sophomore Jam and Lewis project 1989's Rhythm Nation, I would say Janet's biggest impact and best body of work came from late 1986 through 2001, which makes Janet a mostly 90's artist, she is second only to Mariah Carey I believe for the 90s It's also interesting ,to me at least ,to note that Janet signed the largest recording contract in artist history, follow the money not so much stats and that, because basically the recording world saw Janet as a huge valuable asset. Janet got something like 24 points off each album sold which was unheard of, for example, I was watching an interview with the 90's group En Vogue, and they had a bad record deal at 2 points off each album split 4 ways
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    Was this the announcement?


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