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    And the Winner of Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition is.... NIGHT (8 Votes)
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    About time...was convinced Game was planning a family or something ? Night ...I'll take it.
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    To quote you “she would have sold more if she wasn’t banned” <<< THIS IS NOT ABOUT SALES She went through three terrible albums to finally, a baker’s dozen of shit writers and producers to create her best album since 2001. How? By using the same formula she used between 86-01 “what I said remains facts” = “believe me” Once again, this isn’t about sales. So it doesn’t matter how much an album sold in 1993 Speaking of which, yes... that album is about sex & love... awesome! But then she did it again with Damita Jo ?? Writing about the Super Bowl is better than talking about sex and people would have been interested in hearing it. Opportunity missed in 2006
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    There was a behind the scenes of the open auditions that aired on HBO last night.
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    Thank you everyone who participated!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theres one more survivor that has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!! It’s going to be YUGE
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    I'm very disappointed y'all let "Unbreakable" and "Black Eagle" go before "No Sleeep". Favourite: Night Runner-up: Damn Daby