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    And the Winner of Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition is.... NIGHT (8 Votes)
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    About time...was convinced Game was planning a family or something 🙄 Night ...I'll take it.
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    To quote you “she would have sold more if she wasn’t banned” <<< THIS IS NOT ABOUT SALES She went through three terrible albums to finally, a baker’s dozen of shit writers and producers to create her best album since 2001. How? By using the same formula she used between 86-01 “what I said remains facts” = “believe me” Once again, this isn’t about sales. So it doesn’t matter how much an album sold in 1993 Speaking of which, yes... that album is about sex & love... awesome! But then she did it again with Damita Jo 👎🏾 Writing about the Super Bowl is better than talking about sex and people would have been interested in hearing it. Opportunity missed in 2006
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    There was a behind the scenes of the open auditions that aired on HBO last night.
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    Thank you everyone who participated!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theres one more survivor that has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!! It’s going to be YUGE
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    I'm very disappointed y'all let "Unbreakable" and "Black Eagle" go before "No Sleeep". Favourite: Night Runner-up: Damn Daby