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    I think a show about Billboard Charts will feature a performance of songs that charted extremely well on said charts. It should be something like her AMA performance but with better dancers, better transitions, better make-up, better music, a better outfit, maybe better hair? and a Janet that is in better shape. She is really about to eat that stage up
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    I’d love a new song to drop this Friday with Sunday’s performance being a mix of TTWLG, MYM, or another of her longer charting hits into the new song.
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    Songs can be executed differently, but it’s still the same song ? I don’t have any expectations for this performance, I know Janet will slay (per usual), but being that she’s been keeping us on our toes lately, and giving us what we want, I have a feeling something diff will be happening
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    That AMA performance was NINE years ago. Songs can be executed different sonically with different transitions and different choreography...with all of that you can have a fresh, new performance. No ...you can look up past recipients who got the award for any questions and concerns you have. Of course Janet will be much different but it should give you an idea about what's about to happen. Don't overthink this...you will be setting yourself up to be disappointed and if that means I have to crush your delusional dreams/ideas right now...I can live with that.
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    Cassandra Nova has taken over Jean's homegirl Storm to come for her and the rest of Jean's team in Wakanda Aww Jeansus will not allow Storm to be attacked. "You Will not touch her!" Set her straight baby! Yass at Storm blowing her ex husband away like the prenup! Woo the gals getting ready.
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    Prince and Janet aren't comparable. Janet is more commercially successful, whereas Prince is more critically successful.