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    Lemme get a hold of Gil right quick
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    @TwistedElegance™ just opened his computer, and is formulating a very nasty opinion as the computer boots. But just like, of all songs, given the circumstances of the award.
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    Of all songs? DB? What is wrong with some of you?
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    The GP knows the hits but the GP hasn't seen her perform them on live TV in 8yrs, it's not like she was on these shows doing this when Unbreakable was out. Yes, it's the perfect opportunity to unleash a brand new slayage (All For You Icon performance style) but a medley is a good boost for the gp/casual fans, hell look at how she's been doing the hits on her tour new choreography, new breaks & breakdowns. Let's not acting like a Medley is gonna be like it was on the AMA's or XFactor in 09, hell think about the slaying of that Idol performance too, and how positively the public responded.
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    Exactly, the GP already knows Janet’s hits, that she’s been shoving down the country’s throat with her tour, and with her last televised performance being a GH medley, it would seem as if nothing has changed in her career in 9yrs. While she hadn’t had a huge chart smash, performing non hits wouldn’t even matter at this point.
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    NOTHING from Unbreakable pls. From a fan perspective it's cute, but from a gp perspective, it always feels desperate when a Legend does a hits medley, and then squeeze in a song off their last album (that wasn't a hit) and released years before. I want a nice lil medley, I'd LOVE even if she didn't do multiples if she did just Rhythm Nation.......neither of the tributes that were given to her where that song was performed really brought it the way she BRINGS it. But I have NO expectations except to be SLAYED.
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    I would post nudes on twitter if she did Weekend
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    RIGHT!!! It’s been three years since Unbreakable. While the album is still amazing, it should not even celebrated You need to be stopped
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    If anything it should be Whoops Now
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    Kelly Clarkson pre-BBMAs interview.
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    That AMA performance was NINE years ago. Songs can be executed different sonically with different transitions and different choreography...with all of that you can have a fresh, new performance. No ...you can look up past recipients who got the award for any questions and concerns you have. Of course Janet will be much different but it should give you an idea about what's about to happen. Don't overthink this...you will be setting yourself up to be disappointed and if that means I have to crush your delusional dreams/ideas right now...I can live with that.
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    He knew what was coming and his scalp just couldn’t take it anymore. The pain of being snatchet was too much for him to take.
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    These are not coincidences. Even Stephen Hawking would agree.