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    The GP knows the hits but the GP hasn't seen her perform them on live TV in 8yrs, it's not like she was on these shows doing this when Unbreakable was out. Yes, it's the perfect opportunity to unleash a brand new slayage (All For You Icon performance style) but a medley is a good boost for the gp/casual fans, hell look at how she's been doing the hits on her tour new choreography, new breaks & breakdowns. Let's not acting like a Medley is gonna be like it was on the AMA's or XFactor in 09, hell think about the slaying of that Idol performance too, and how positively the public responded.
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    Thank you for finding non-blurry photos
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    I've never really seen him smile. He's too cute though.
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    You clearly got my Paris Jackson slap commentary a few posts back...that was lukewarm witty. But I understand what your saying. Sometimes I feel like the Melania Trump of this forum, so fierce yet so misunderstood..so what I had to read a bitch down boots, so I've may have thrown shade here and there and destroyed self esteems in the process...ARENT I A HUMAN BEING!!!...Don't I yearn and ache and worthy of Janet's miracles...Don't I deserve love...and unbreakable diamonds
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    Same, just how I felt about her BET acceptance, all I need to do is see her walk on a stage, and what I want & what I need are different lol
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    I'm rubbing lavender on my feet right now, Eisus has blessed this Earth with his presence, it is upon us to honor his great gift
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    His feet TOUCHED THE GROUND!!! The Billion Dollar Son of Goddess, Prince of Music touched the mutha fucking ground I can feel his presence under my feet
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    I agree but at this point Im thinking presentation and showmanship.....dazzle us my dear