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    *sigh* does anything truly matter Norman ? If we can’t ponder on this forum then what good is it to have a forum.. just don’t reply next time ??‍♂️
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    I forgot he even released an album......and that it debuted lower than the low predictions. I mean Xtina's new album can sell less than 1K, she's flopped before, nothing new. What is new is JT being called out for being problematic and having the weakest lowest rated most forgettable Superbowl of today, and release an album the whole world's been making fun of since it's announcement. But alas for good news, the new song currently doing great on iTunes, and they just released a deleted scene from her carpool karaoke where they sing this (further proof it's the 1st single) , and DAMN....she killed that, I wish James didn't sing lol, her voice is fantastic!
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    Happy Birthday, Janet!!! Thank you for blessing us with another year along on your journey!
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    Shouldn't he be more concerned with Dusty Timberlake and that flop ass Man of the Trailer Park album that nobody's buying even after a wack, non-memorable, low-rated halftime performance?
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    All he did "creative" was suggest to Janet to do some of her non singles, if that falls under the umbrella of "creative" I guess..... which was great for the fans. I'm not knocking SOTW TOUR but it was stripped down compared to her other tours, so to call it "creative" is reaching, extremely. Gil is not that innovative at all.
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    I too think J.Lo's a possibility, could be pretty cool, folks would be gagging (especially considering most don't even know Jen was a "backed up ho" lol)
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    Y’all speaking like true stans wanting new songs and obscure songs. Ain’t gonna happen, nor should it. This will be a hits performance. I think there will be a big focus on RN and SOTW, though, because of the...state of the world.
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    I didn't say any of that and don't care to correct you, think what you want. Also, responding to anyone in this thread by calling them silly is really gross and won't be tolerated. I said this thread would be respectful and if you're going to act like "Game" in here I will report you.
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    I understand where ur coming from, but after coming off of the AMAs promoting her #1s album, then that tour, then going into Unbreakable your, with pretty much the same songs.... u don’t think Janet is tired of doing some of this hits? Even if the songs haven’t charted well, I think it would be refreshing to see something new performed. Plus is I wonder if there will be a tribute performance to her ?
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    20 YO was a reaction to the underperformance of Damita Jo. Discipline was a reaction to Janet wanting to escape Virgin after 20 YO and start fresh with a new label. These were reactionary albums, not albums she made because she wanted to make them. That’s why they failed. Virgin wanted JD because of the success he was having with Usher and Mariah. But JD did not fit Janet’s style at all. If Damita Jo would’ve been more successful, I guarantee neither 20 YO or Discipline would’ve happened.
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    I’m depressed? Weird. I don’t remember stating that.