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    Bailey, toots, sweets, you made the thread.
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    We been knew. The good sis spilled the tea after releasing the video
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    Pleasure principle with choreography moments from that, If & Rhythm Nation lol that wasnt even a lil hidden
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    I wish it was more singleable
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    That army of dancers worked for Throb. It was like they were in a club and it really enhanced the essence of the song imo
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    cause she hasn't been on tv in almost a decade so she wanted to be her best and show the world she still has it.
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    let's talk this below and the influence mmmmkay
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    Stevie Wonders could see the influence. Jesus ??‍♂️
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    No. Wtf. That old ass song. Gtfo
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    everyone those nips are the shit on another note can we all move the hell on, I watched the video there is Janet influence just not what I expected there is no need to make an entire thread discussion about one member's thoughts on seeing the video