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    Absolutely & don’t allow the condescending lack of faith of others be a dagger at your beliefs. The most preach peace who tend to not believe in anything seem to always find ways to take shots at those who do. Funny they say for other to respect the difference of others but then disrespect because their pompous ideology of being better because they have no faith in anything “outside themselves”. Nonetheless, this reads drama surrounding the breakup & potentially a custody edge. I’m not buying the locked in the bathroom, drug addicted, raging Wissam. He could be on drugs, maybe, he could have a temper - maybe, but this sounds personal and I’ll leave it to them. I’m sure he cares about Eissa and he tends to have the same number of people watching him with Eissa as Janet tends to have with her.
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    See..I was thinking about this last night about how Randy acts like her publicist/PR person. It doesn't sit well with me, regardless if you're family or not. This was blown out of proportion and makes Janet look like she's out to get Wissam. I wish they would mind their business so Janet can get through this and move on with her life. She has a child to think about and Wissam is father..regardless of what him and Janet had going on..it ain't Eissus' fault and they need to love and support him.
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    Thoughts and prayers. Except school shootings... Their God doesn’t care about those