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    The way some of you act, one would think you were in the relationship too. Talking about Wissam needs to go. First of all, you're not even in the relationship. Second, Janet and Wissam are bound together for another 17 years when Eissus turns 18. Third, calm down. What probably happened is the nanny asked for the wifi password, Wissam said no or he didn't have it. Nanny got mad, created some story, and called Janet with some lie, and then Janet called the cops. Randy ran to the media and made a mountain out of a molehill. And here we are.
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    And that's that on that. If there were a problem, the police wouldn't have left Eissus there, esp if there were drug use occurring. While thinking logically is important, common sense would be more valuable here.
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    No matter how much you love Janet - you don’t know her nor do you know what she’s actually dealing with. Nor do you know Wissam nor do you know Eissa.