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    The way some of you act, one would think you were in the relationship too. Talking about Wissam needs to go. First of all, you're not even in the relationship. Second, Janet and Wissam are bound together for another 17 years when Eissus turns 18. Third, calm down. What probably happened is the nanny asked for the wifi password, Wissam said no or he didn't have it. Nanny got mad, created some story, and called Janet with some lie, and then Janet called the cops. Randy ran to the media and made a mountain out of a molehill. And here we are.
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    I've seen the National Suicide prevention number more the last week than my entire life, having said that if folks are feeling some kinda way all this media attention to celebs killing themselves isn't helping the issue. The media sensationalizes everything but we really need a sit down and talk moment in this country about mental health
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    Ugh. I hope the duet isn't with her. Let's keep our hopes up for Rihanna.
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    No matter how much you love Janet - you don’t know her nor do you know what she’s actually dealing with. Nor do you know Wissam nor do you know Eissa.
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    Yeah, family can come through and stuff, but this isn't just some random ass family. It was blown out of proportion and that's my problem with it. Of course they are gonna look out for her because she's family..but don't put shit out in public when it's not true.
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    ^^ that may be part of it for Janet but I think a bigger part is one she's been in this business for over 30 years and she's till dropping music, she looks great and she's aged wonderfully....if anything she should feel inspired to lift others because the game is still a game and she's still in it
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    Pandora is the third most popular streaming service for music, just behind Apple & Spotify with 37 million users a month (Apple leads with 50M; Spotify with 48M) https://www.statista.com/statistics/798125/most-popular-us-music-streaming-services-ranked-by-audience/
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    What’s Pandora? Slay though sis! That’s incredible! Now upload your videos to YT and get someone to put Poetic Justice on Netflix. And announce them Europe dates x
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    Absolutely & don’t allow the condescending lack of faith of others be a dagger at your beliefs. The most preach peace who tend to not believe in anything seem to always find ways to take shots at those who do. Funny they say for other to respect the difference of others but then disrespect because their pompous ideology of being better because they have no faith in anything “outside themselves”. Nonetheless, this reads drama surrounding the breakup & potentially a custody edge. I’m not buying the locked in the bathroom, drug addicted, raging Wissam. He could be on drugs, maybe, he could have a temper - maybe, but this sounds personal and I’ll leave it to them. I’m sure he cares about Eissa and he tends to have the same number of people watching him with Eissa as Janet tends to have with her.