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    Words......do no damn justice. Dance song, ballad, groove, pop, R&B, funk.....the possibilities are endless for this & the slayage is dripping from even their names together.
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    WHAT?!!! This is Sick https://metro.co.uk/2018/06/11/bruno-mars-collaborate-join-forces-idol-janet-jackson-next-album-now-perfect-time-7622448/ This is the collaboration that many of us didn’t even know we needed – but it makes all the sense seeing as Bruno is a huge fan of Janet’s and has been influenced by her work for years. Janet – who recently delivered her first live TV performance in over nine years at the Billboards Music Award – is in the studio recording her next album and is enlisting the help of the 24k Magic hitmaker, our source tells us. The insider exclusively told Metro.co.ukthat Bruno was over the moon when he found out his icon was a fan of his work. The source said: ‘The pair have been friends for a while but decided now is the perfect time for them to collaborate after catching up at the Billboard Music Awards. ‘Bruno was raised on Janet’s music and was floored when he found out that she was a fan. They speak on the phone often and have pencilled dates in to record tracks for Janet’s next album.’ Janet, who recently revealed Bruno’s music is the first her one-year-old son Eissa connected with, currently lives in London and is expected to record the single with the singer in the city with Grammy Award-winning producing duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. ‘Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are to produce and it’s set to be a single,’ the source added. ‘Janet lives in London so some of the recording sessions will take place here.’
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    But can't we hope for another hot 100 number 1 bringing her total to 11 and after the Rihanet track 12
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    Straight to Number 1 on the R&B charts, and probably the Dance charts too!!!
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    That would be a killer combo. If they perform it together -- I don't want to lose my mind with anticipation.
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    i was on mobile and imgur app is a pain in the ass
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    So Rih is moving to London.... http://thatgrapejuice.net/2018/06/rihanna-relocates-london/
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    I been told y'all hoes it was gon happen and you know there's gon be dancing too
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    Someone spilled info that Janet would be releasing some music with another artist that isn't Beyonce or Childish-Gambino, and arguably bigger than Bruno Mars, and you'd expect this artist to work with Madonna before Janet So everyone's being trying to figure out who it is. Someone DID say it's Rihanna and H.E.R because Janet did see her on tour recently in the U.K and Rihanna is working with H.E.R as well
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    Only one of those two are relevant
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    Songs on the album were good. The album as a whole was not
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    Oversexual... but cute.
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    ActivistNET is savage!!! Best not incur her wrath!!! ?
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    Ugh. I hope the duet isn't with her. Let's keep our hopes up for Rihanna.
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    No matter how much you love Janet - you don’t know her nor do you know what she’s actually dealing with. Nor do you know Wissam nor do you know Eissa.