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    Sometimes I struggle with depression. I think most of us probably do. What helps you through it? I wanted to make this thread because I have a tendency to isolate myself when I’m feeling bad and that can be kind of suffocating. I think talking about things helps and I wanted to create a thread where we can check in on our mental health and provide support to each other. I know we joke a lot on this board, but I hope everyone (if anyone does need help) is respectful.
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    You can try to.. but my legacy continues
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    You’re probably right tho even if it’s a sample that’s good exposure similar to the any time, any place sample (not saying Teyana is on the same level as Kendrick obviously lol) on Poetic Justice I think even tho they just met, they really connected and there’s mutual love so Janet collaborating with Teyana wouldn’t surprise me.
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    What’s some of rarest multi tracks you got..? and welcome! but don’t talk to Norman, we’re trying to phase him out ?
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    First guess would be that Yeezy sampled one of Janet’s tracks like he just did MJ for Xtina... I could be wrong but I can’t picture Janet meeting someone for the first time, who’s relatively still wet behind the ears, and then immediately jumping on a track with them (although that’s exactly what she did for Chingy so who fkn knows)..
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    Powerhouse vocalist confirmed(but we already knew).
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    Essence posted the original cover on their website.
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    I’m glad she’s branching out more
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    RANDOM: My musical therapy lately has been Janelle Monae's entire new album, but the 1 song that speaks to the truth of who I am and how I am and how I feel more than anything is Don't Judge Me
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