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    Couldn’t agree more. She finally comes back after all those years away with a freakin masterpiece with Jimmy / Terry, and now she wants to get away from them again on the very next project??? SO not here for that. ??
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    I can take a lot, but a blessing is what I need..
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    Discipline was and remains garbage with about 5 redeemable songs. The only forward-thinking songs on it are Feedback and RWU. The article saying it's "the album she needed to release," lmao, as if there was some artistic impetus for it when it was clearly just thrown out there to fulfill obligations and attempt a weak chart return. And RWU would never have been a pop hit because 1) it's 100% whispered, 2) it lacks a catchy hook, and 3) it has one verse repeated. It's a dance hit and that's that. Not every EDM song becomes a smash in Europe, for that you need a real chorus.
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    This is just leading up to the RRHOF induction.
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    Damita Jo (sans the tacky fashion) she looked the best physically imo 20yo she looked sickly and anxious. A lot of the press (FHM, vibe) were a distaste. But she looked flawless for the album booklet pics
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    Stop bitching. You'll take what she gives. ?
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