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    But it has already happened boo. Island Life is a bop
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    Between some relationship issues & a father passing...some things had to be altered I’m sure.
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    No Janet was about womanhood, freedom, & discovery or emergence of sexuality. DJ was about love & her finding it again after marriage that hurt her deeply & a love unlike those she’s been known for. By that time, Janet had become known for what she delivered on DJ - love songs. Only thing she could have done at that time was fight back against what she was going through in a raw way. For whatever reason she didn’t.
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    I always knew Lee was dirty and I never doubted MoNique like many others did. This clip just brought it to a whole new level of how dirty Lee Daniels is. There's also a audio recording of Tyler Perry admitting to MoNique that she did nothing wrong and that he would go public and support her which he never did. I'll try to find that later.
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    Dammn Baby was ok to me, I liked a few parts of it. I think the vocal alteration of it makes it a bit “eh” live but I do like it. Her switching up the set list is probably the best move she’s made touring wise in years. I’d love to see her bring back FHTF - she’s done it on one tour & ignored it too long. Ive always said she has classics & Staples she has to perform but she NEEDS to keep audiences guessing about what they’ll get from her long list of hits. She has too many songs to give the same set list.
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    she did Dammn Baby on tour lol. I could see her singing SloLove cause i'm definitely tired of seeing All Nite
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    Thank you! That was one of my dreams was for Janet to perform that live. Now I need "Lonely", "SloLove", "Feels So Right" and possibly "And On, And On". I really wish she would've released "Like You Don't Love Me". That definitely would've been a hit on R&B radio
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    Wait you’re using facts and data but then the facts and data of - record sales are not being used to classify the album? You’re a constant contradiction. Also - YOU WANT this music to continue, MAYBE it will & maybe it won’t. I bet the next few tracks you get won’t be a continuation of that legacy. I bet that for sure. Im not saying their music together wasn’t good - I’m saying DJ was a very solid album & is only discredited due to the surrounding scandal. Your dislike for it to me falls inline with the other mindless shit you say. If you’re not a fan of anything outside of Jimmy/Terry get prepared to be disappointed in what she drops next. It will in MANY ways be a departure from that you cling to so heavily. And it happened live… which many never thought would be. Island Life is forever a vibe.
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    I think the best song for cross platform appeal at that time was Island Life. Urban/Adult AC weren't gonna touch JALW. What do you think the lead off should have been???
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    Anyway, I hope there's a video already shot for the song ready to release Simultaneous single/video releases are the way to go this digital age.
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    If he stops being those things there’s nothing left though.
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    Dame gave Lee $2million a long long time ago as a loan when he was struggling and not famous. Lee went on to make Monsters Ball with that money which kickstarted his career. Lee never paid it back even though he’s become a huge name with films such as Precious and The Butler. Monique starred in Precious. She did her job that she was paid to do ie act but apparently was expected to go around to tv shows to promote the movie, unpaid. This pissed Lee off who apparently told her she “has to play the game if she wants an Oscar”. I think playing the game means going on these promo slots for free and kissing ass to Hollywood. She didn’t. She won the award. She was offered Oprah’s role in the Butler and the role of Cookie in Empire but apparently these were then rescinded which she blames on Lee, Tyler and Oprah for allegedly getting her blacklisted for not playing the game. However Lee said it’s because Moniques husband demands too much money and because she’s supposedly been blackballed. I think there’s an audio of Tyler agreeing with Monique but I can’t find it. So now Dame exposes Lee for being shady, people think Monique was onto something and telling the truth that Lee purposely tainted her name so people wouldn’t hire her
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    !!!! is there an ignore function on here? hes miserable, i don’t post on here often but everytime I swing by she’s literally dismissing what someone has said, valid or not. never seen someone so combative, argumentative and committed to being a contrarian all the time. its like she either thinks she’s the only Janet fan to exist or something. like damn let others have an opinion, you don’t always let someone know they’re “wrong”