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    Ch I suffer it big time and I’m not on meds atm. I literally felt suicidal 2 weeks ago and even now when I think too much my chest feels so heavy and wants to explode. Depression is a fucking cunt. I ain’t gonna do anything to myself though because I want Mariahs new album and Janets and I want to witness Beyoncé win album of the year in my lifetime. Basically having goals helps. Always create new ones though when you reach the old ones
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    Dear Bottoms, When you know you’re about to get dick down, clean ya ass. With Love and Respect, Tops/VTops
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    Let's be a bit more mature with our comments. This isn't J|X.
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    Yeah that wasn’t too bad. Whitney’s reaction was priceless though. But Whitney on Paula.
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    Eh, wasnt triggered or uneasy about it (If Whitney replaced Paula's name wit Janet I'd feel a ways), but with what I know bein a fan both Janet & Whitney for more than half my life, they both felt insecure about what they felt they lacked that the other thrived in. Whitney felt insecure about choreography & artistry in production compared to Janet. And Janet felt insecure about her voice compared to Whitney (as we heard her say in that audio documentary). They are both QUEEENS of different styles & flavors. What Cissy said wasn't even that disrespectful, I read it as "don't worry about her strengths, you got your own". The tone & wording was disrespectful.....but the point wasn't to me. What Whitney said about Paula was as disrespectful as it was 100% true tho
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    Its so weird you say the things that keep you here are the sorta things I think about, like um and miss out on a new Janet album? NO miss out on seeing what Eissa looks like 10 years from now, NO miss out on maybe falling in love again who the hell knows but Im still here and I'm ready for "Made for Now" because I am in the now, present and ready to receive as we all are Janet's newest single ...in the present time not the past not the hurt not the past joy but ready for experiencing love from all things God and good ....here right here ..NOW!
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    Bitch, Janet is still LIVING, BREATHING, WALKING! Because of your negligence, Whitney (god rest her soul) was put in an early grave. Your old, evil ass put her there. Please believe Joe and Katherine would NEVA for the queen.
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    I agree but I also think that its easier knowing he lived a long life at 89 and he did not die all of a sudden, everyone has their time if most of us could see 89 years of life most of it in prosperity Id be pretty damn content, don't mourn me, I lived my life celebrate me and see you again
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    in who's friendship? Whitney didn't say it Cissy said it.
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    Ah yes... every diva seems to do this. Though important to note that Whitney herself had nothing negative to say about Janet, she just reacted to what her mother said. I know at this point, Janet was at her very hottest (just wrapping up the Rhythm Nation era), while Whitney's latest release, while stellar, hadn't brought in the numbers of her previous two albums. So it doesn't surprise me to hear others throwing shade at the Queen of New Jack Swing during the height of her reign.
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    I just sent a lil prayer for ya too. Meds is something I have never considered and would prefer not to go down that route. Have you tried weening off? I had a body scan/checkover yesterday...quite revealing. Gonna start some changes to my diet, beginning with a 3 week fast...no meat...dairy ?
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    Lol @ “janet has a terrible relationship with her father but not in public” as if she’s really going to have a big massive picture of him in a music video just to save face. These writers need a slap or Jesus or something