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    Yeah I totally get it and don’t blame her. I’m glad we got to see it return at least once for the awards!
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    Who shit on your dick?
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    I have a feeling…tomorrow should be good, or at least I hope so... if she’s performing Sunday...maybe something new would come tomorrow? Im literally…just throwing out a guess lol
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    you took that as serious as we did Roc's thread on how to pronounce butthole
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    Oh I definitely believe that 100%. Janet is like what Patti Labelle was to Luther. Luther would sing songs for about women but they were really about men but Patti kept that secret until he passed. nah a lot of people know Jimmy and Terry worked with him a lot.
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    I agree but it must be reciprocal too on her end ....I listen to Johnny Gil on Pandora a lot and he has many songs Jimmy and Terry produced things most people dont know
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    I think Johnny is Janet's good Judy. He has probably confided in her things he would or could never tell anybody else. Because he knows she can keep a secret like nobody else. I like their friendship.
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    I read that post of mine back and it reads like I was being bitchy trust me bro I wasnt ...sometimes its hard to convey things in print the way it would sound in person I guess what I was trying to convey is if there's some "news" I'll keep people in the know if its not already posted, and like I said its RadarOnline so take it as it is ...which as it turns out fake news give Game a high five
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    And hello to Mr. Johnny Gill--- reminding us all that he's no Fairweather Friend. LAWD this song was good!!!
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    You have a billionaire’s baby and see how smug you are ?
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    she is wearing a jacket not a dress so you wont see any curves she may have...its her fathers funeral not a fashion show!