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    Y'all bitches complain about every fuckin thing. Let me enjoy my Janet high before you start with the bullshit. Gotdamn.
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    bitch this thread is a mess lol but Jan look snatched ??
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    She’s performing SKIN GAME!
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    WHEN WE OHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! full performance "Feels So Right" YASSSSS!!!!
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    Bye I just caught a little of "What's It Gonna Be" and bought my tickets
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    I like the outfit. Fuqumean
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    I feel like where ever you go you become the neighborhood hoe I just have this feeling like you dat trick from up da skreet anywho Carribean food is delicious so taste the rainbow
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    Anything to prove you wrong ? Pat me Lower
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    ?? I’m bustin up at the fact you actually went and did RESEARCH HOMEWORK like I instructed you to do! Hahahahaha ..that’s a good boy, yes you are a good boy *pat your head* ?
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    I’m a diehard MJ fan.. you know this.. please provide proof that he had a potty mouth.. otherwise ur full of it.. I mean he didn’t even wanna sing “fucking” on Scream.. yes it’s true he did drink wine in soda cans when he was around family and friends but I don’t ever recall reading or hearing about a story when he would say the F word and the C word and the S word on a regular basis .. so come wth facts please and I’ll be like oh fasho I see you but otherwise I’m like that’s just Normandy stirring the pot with an attempt to get a rise outta fans and bam u got it and boom I’m faded and I just had to check my autocorrect spewing multiplle times throughout his process....facts pls
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    I’m moving to a predominantly carribean neighborhood. Can’t wait to get my back blown out by the local trade.
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    but anywho Game got shit on his dick
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    my thoughts exactly its only when he says go and that aint often ...I asked him so when was the last time you got fucked, he said "a long time" I'm like hmmmm, let me tell you something you're not going to believe, my last was Dec. 28th with you....he laughed he doesnt believe it ...which means his pussy gets hit by someone here and there ..I want more and I said to myself if I allow this to be what I accept this is all there will ever be and Im not up for a night of coke sex with drinking either because I need recovery and I work everyday until Monday, I'm only off now because it was low census, not enough work so I left early
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    Oh my throat is deep as the day is long. Took my little ex bae’s straight as an arrow 9 inch. While making eye contact like a good sub should.
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    I don’t gag on dick but I gag on my toothbrush. What’s up with that??
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    Omg you don’t stick it all up there, you stick the mouth of the bottle in the hole and squirt in. The best is one of those with the.... tips that you can open and close, cus it’s puckered and fits in you’re heiny nicely. I did that once or twice, back when I was a bottom.
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    Who shit on your dick?
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    Let's be a bit more mature with our comments. This isn't J|X.
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    I was referring to my lack of using it get sum humor in ya life
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    Honestly Janet looks a little smug in that photo.
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    Well, at least they're doing the check dance, and not arguing because they DON'T want to pay for it.
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    Yea no, it fit the time it was released in perfectly and is perfectly comparable to her peers and lessors that released. But the article lost me at it being "deep"... ... anyway I even though its her bottom of the barrel I like that their respecting the Queen