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    Tears work great
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    The face of you. Oh wait, that’s my substitute for love.
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    Either Janet is trying to woo this girl for that hot box or she wants you hoes to know that out of all the girls, Teyana is the chosen one. I mean I have never seen Janet obsess over another female r&b act like this....Teyana can dance her ass off and sis can carry a tune but she is gonna need some more bops. ? For real though, I think it's cute. ?
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    I, like most Americans, don’t know her. Next
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    I hear you and as part of the Jan Fam acknowledge your presence. What I believe is this, my first thoughts tend to be the right ones. My first thought on this subject is Teyanna went all out on her end to show Janet how much she loved her, how frustrated she was missing the initial flight, and then when she met her crying her eyes out.....baby, Creole honey, Janet I do believe is a simple woman at heart, she sees whats real and what aint real fast, that gurl Teyanna loved her and Janet knew that so Janet I do believe gave back to Teyanna what she was brought, pure love I remember Teyanna was pissed, that terminal was mad fart, she outta wings ....that pisses me off right now I cant even laugh about it, you can't fuck with me and my wings #what!
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    The Knowledge...
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    Silicone base is best for anal
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    this is what love and hate feels like right here right now and it's a she, Black female strong smart sensitive that last part sensitive seems to keep me coming back she sees me or rather thru
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    No Gameisha I wasn't planning to see this show, I really imagined it would be the same thing with a few changes, she switched it up! Enough where Id like to see the newest edition
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    BISH!!! You had since SPRING TO PLAN AND I DIDNY PLAN THIS!!! I literally bought my tickets at 1am
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    I got a little left yes ?
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    I aint got no aloe vera...im not gonna start cracking eggs over his booty so coconut oil it will have to be
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    But yo ass can buy a 39 minute flight? GTFO!!!!!!
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    I always do...don't spit dry up to quick tho?
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    "broke" is such a relative term my dear, I mean between my car note car insurance and 30 dollar a day meals there's only so much I cannot afford darling
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    I haven't listened to skin game since 93! Somehow it slipped off my radar. I think over the years I forgot it was a SJW song an not a slow Jam based off the name (I know, I'm a bad fan) ? But shout out whoever the musical director has been for the last couple of tours... They have done an amazing job updating the instrumentation of the songs to make them sound fresh and cohesive. Like the '' get on up'' that runs through about 3-4 songs. Small things like that really stand out to me.
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    I’m so pissed I couldn’t go. I probably would’ve lost it when she did WWO.
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    You probably can’t relate to the song. It’s a brilliant opener for the tour considering the theme. Black American descendants of slaves have to navigate through life, subjugated under white supremacy.