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    Partly to get you gals in a tizzy and create dialogue. So don't try to Cissy Houston my topic of discussion!!! Janet out here making videos congratulating Teyana on a number one album ...she has to want to get in between Teyana and Iman and recreate that Fade shower scene and I don't blame her. I just hope they keep that same energy and give Petunia the bizness.
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    I cannot with you ? I bet Holy Water would work even better
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    I think Skin Game is an ok opener it’s just not a fan favorite song, although I love it for many reasons, Skin Game is a good opener because it does multiple things: shows how long she’s been making conscious music reminds of conscious music beyond RN Speaks to very real circumstances happening right now speaks for & to a community often ignored Maybe she could have kept The Knowledge & then put Skin Game in after but I LOVE she’s changing the whole scope.
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    scissor scissor sistas of soul....ladies first....
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    I miss Paul, Bzebabe was cool even though she wasn't real, I miss Matt he has so much depth to his persona that I found him to be one of the most intriguing members here, didnt hurt he was a sexy Aussie
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    All the filler songs tbh.
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    It is. But Madonna made a song about it so it’s alright.
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    Remember when I used to throw Janet under the bus for Madonna? My god I was a messy bottom. Thank god I found the light!!
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    We get it. You ain’t gettin none.
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    Yes you’ve said that already. We get it Janet added it bc it’s the State of the World... and the Skin Game is STILL around She didn’t add it bc it’s popular amongst the stans... she was CLEARLY sending a message. If you don’t get it then that’s fine and you don’t have to like it but most Americans don’t like truth.
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    Why is this question even being raised?