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    Her best year so far in the streaming era. . The thing with Janet’s music is that unlike some of her contemporaries, her streaming numbers are way down in part because a lot of kids didn’t grow up hearing her songs the same way they did Mariah’s or Whitney’s. That’s because of the industry blackout from 2004. Radio stations basically took her out of the mix of older hits they play. So lots of young folks really don’t know ANY of her catalog. But what’s been kinda great to see is their reactions as they discover Janet. People really flip out when they start to realize how good she is (as many of us saw during #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay or the nearly viral spread of her ‘Would You Mind’ tour videos). Her streaming number continue to climb up now and I think that will bode well for her new music. But whether she’s a streaming giant or not Janet and her team have been KILLING it on the publishing side for 2018. I’ve heard her music everywhere this year, from shopping in CVS, to RuPaul’s Drag Race to the all-Janet episode of Scandal. They came right in and secured those publishing bags for real. And while this 20 city short tour won’t make nearly as much as the first SOTW leg (due to mostly smaller venues), she’s still securing some hefty bags as the Essence, Panorama and Outside Lands headliner. Probably enough to offset any possible loss from the smaller shows. Hoping that for her new music, she’ll do a world tour, start somewhere overseas, and end it here in the US.
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    The 3 year thing with Unbreakable wasn’t ever intended to be a 3 year “plan” for the project but it was more so a security contract that she did with her crew in an effort to make sure they’d be available to work. She did this because she knew she was still planning to tour as much as she can, but there might be breaks - Eissa. BUT she has a plan with the new music & there’s going to be a good amount of stuff THIS time that never was meant or thought of for UB. I’ll say - this is probably going to be the “era” like you’ve missed.
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    her management has been on point and solid as hell they deserve a ton of credit, I felt like before she wasn't being managed as the Icon but as a pop star, and thankfully she's under the wing of someone who recognizes that marketing Janet Jackson means going above and beyond to show the masses, she's one of a kind and part of pop royalty
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    Yep I totally agree! I think there has been a plan probably starting since UB tour just get her out there and get the exposure to eventually build her performing repoitire back up to seat bigger venues. But we still have to mention there are only a handful of artist still around from the 80s doing major tours.
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    I believe its great that Janet is doing the festivals because she will expose audiences that might not otherwise see her to her talent and performing so that's another bonus.
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    THE FOUR thanks to Sharaya J. It's so entertaining!
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    The gag is Janet will be performing at the VMA's with her musical daughter's Teyana and Ciara. Nobody is getting tongued down though. #MadeForNowtoLevelUpandWorkThisPussy Owwww BTW...Britney was asked to perform but had to show Janet that she could still hit an 8 count hence the video of her dancing to ANDS...Janet hit her with 'Im good luv, enjoy' #AllNitePleaseStop #ImNotAGirlNotYetADancer #MeAgainstMyTwoLeftFeetAndXanax
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    No wonder Bey said fuck the labels and she's touring. Touring is def' where the money is at,
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    "The project has an MTV/Viacom component"... Well it seems like a safe bet to guess that since the music video is being shot over the next 5 days it would have enough time to be edited in time for a release around the time of the VMAs (which is on August 20th which essentially a month away). Last month Joey Harris (Janet's Senior Vice President) had meetings with MTV at Viacom Headquarters in LA. It doesn't seem unrealistic to think that Janet could possibly perform at the VMAs, have the music video premiere during the VMAs, or possibly both. Also that would be smart marketing on Janet and her team's part because she would be exposed to multiple audiences because the VMAs do tend to air on multiple Viacom owned channels (BET, VH1, CMT, Nickelodeon, etc.) in addition to MTV....Even though these Award shows don't get the viewership they once did there still will be millions watching.
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    It means someone who has a banging body but the face ain't up to par ...
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    Omfg ... I was the one calling him a Tip Drill first ?????? I had to start throwing shade at him once he started turning on Janet.