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    Repel Charts is way too long and a bit generic. That's my main problem with it.
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    Not happening unless she’s planning a world tour for 2019 JT’s album came after the super bowl and it went Gold.. a high bar for how shitty It was
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    New music will be coming this week or next... definitely before the 18tg
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    You know it’s funny, I went to a Madonna message board recently and happened to look at their “Janet Jackson” thread....CHILD!!! These seething ass fans!!! ????? one in particular was going in about how talentless Janet is; calling her everything a lot of people say about Madonna too...the hypocrisy!!! ?? Then why have a thread about Janet is all you guys do are gonna shade the hell out of her??? Mind you their Beyonce, Gaga, J. Lo, etc. threads are EXACTLY the same. Just talking about how terrible they are compared to their precious Madge. at this point, Madonna could release an album called “Dirty Poon” and they’d eat that sh!t up! No pun intended! ? jesus, these woman are some of the last artists of 80s generation that can still draw a crowd full of people to this day by releasing new music and I’m tired of the constant bitter ass fans! I mean at this point in their careers, Madonna and Janet couldn’t care who’s better and are sticking around for the fans! Can’t we all just enjoy how much they continue to push their legacy forward in their 50s??? Sheesh!
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    Holy shit it premieres September 12th.