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    I can not believe how bothered and bitter she is over not getting the #1 spot. Im appalled and she is disgusting for this. Tryna tear another down to build yourself up?? Really? Bitch, be a grown as fucking woman and ACCEPT what is instead of kicking and screaming in the sandbox like a 5 year old. Bitch, I'm embarrassed for you
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    I honestly her 2004 Super Bowl Performance was also PHENOMENAL!!! Seriously, I’ve never seen her perform “Rhythm Nation” with so fire much in her!!! That transition she did with her dancers into the walk down the steps!!!?!? ???????????? Can someone make that in a gif for me...PLEASE!!!! ????????
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    I’ve liked him ever since he went toe-to-toe with that dumbass Tomi Lahren over her BLM comments, and even tho she’s the most ignorant easiest target ever, it showed where his heart is so I follow him on the platforms and he’s coo wit me
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    She brought her plate, fork and spoon and devoured that stage. This is the same energy that she brought with her All For You song...it's like a rebirth of sorts, I'm not saying divorce kicks Janet into high gear...BUT baby... she hungry again.
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    She ate that performance. Amazing job! I’m digging where her head is and it’s exciting.
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    I wonder if Janet was this pressed when Usher and Ludacris blocked her from the number one spot....or if Madonna was this pressed when she was blocked by Titanic and the Empire album... Chile Queens don't care that much and if they do they will never let you see them sweat. Nicki really just irritated my spirit, girl being number 2 is not the end of the world.
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    The thing is Gil comes off so pressed and I’m sorry to say, fake and his tiresome and mediocre choreography just makes matters worse! It’s ironic cause Janet is such a genuinely good and compassionate person yet Gil? I know we don’t know them personally or their relationship personally but something about has ALWAYS come off the wrong way. Yeah, the way he’s handled this is petty and unprofessional. Actions speak louder than words.
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    Y'all need to do better at posting tea lmao
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    1. Miss You Much-Probably one of the best “I’m back” lead singles! Such a huge and classic departure from Control with a bigger, grander, more elaborate music video!!! Not to mention, the chair dance sequence STILL holds up to this day!!! Amazing!! 2. That’s The Way Love Goes-Only Janet could pull off a return seemingly so small and simple...yet so smooth and refreshing. The song is an R&B masterpiece! Video and all! 3. All For You-One of her most beautiful, classic singles with one of her best videos. A HUGE contrast from the dark and moody “Velvet Rope” era! 4. Got Til It’s Gone-Outside the ridiculously artistic video, the song is both heartbreaking and wonderfully produced. Neo-soul Janet was riveting! ?❤️❤️❤️ 5. What Have You Done Me Lately-Now this is how you revamp your career and take off from there! Funky, timeless, effortless!!! The Janet we know and love was born here!!! 6. Made For Now-So far, SOOOOO GOOOD!!! A visually vibrant and eye candy worthy video with one of Janet’s most inspiring collaborations (Daddy Yankee) and messages of her career. Keep it coming J! ??❤️? 7. No Sleeep-Classic Janet all the way! This time, coming back from a VERY long break the same way she returned with TTWLG, smooth, simple yet smooth and strong production! 8. Feedback-Despite an uneven music video, it was her best lead single/dance hit since “All For You”! 9. Say You Do-Cute and overall a strong debut for her singing career. 10. Call On Me-Ummmm, video was an over the top mess and it’s easily one of her most forgettable hits despite being an average song overall. 11. Just A Little While-I love the song only because of the contrast between it and rest of Damita Jo but my goodness, this was a BAD and weird choice for a lead single. The video....is just head scratchingly bizarre. ? 12. Don’t Stand Another Chance-Meh. Good song but weak lead. “Hold Back The Tears” has more of a punch to it! ? How bout you guys? ?
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    I was thinking about this whole EP thing, and I came to a few thoughts, first I looked at the last album, "Unbreakable" and that album was great but what I think so many of us miss in our perceptions, is how much of an album gets airplay? Or even known to the general concert goer? Not much and there's a huge push to promote an album, so from a return on investment stance, albums dont really give an artist the longevity for a sustained project. For example, even in the best case scenarios, Rihannas, Beyonces, and Adeles, after that first lead single how much else really digs in and gets full rotation like the first? Not much from what I can see, so if an artist like Janet, wants to release new music but have most of it received, a stellar EP that includes a Bruno Mars feature in addition to MFN which has gotten huge exposure kinda gives that artist more than an album with 20 tracks that get lost in the shuffle. As a die-hard fan I get the want for plenty of new music, and that serves us, but overall the market for an album dies after only a few singles and in the case of "Unbreakable" a great album doesnt really see the light of day outside the devoted fan base. A very well produced EP of 5 or 6 strong tracks, would go over really well, sort of like the video for MFN things move very fast now, one minute its in and its a hit the next its off to someone or something else, so an EP stands a better marketing chance of getting more saturation than an album because it doesnt require too much audience attention, 5 or 6 songs that are really good will get people to pay attention, but try getting a casual listener to play through a 20 song album and see what sticks, I think honestly the more songs the more diluted the experience becomes, for the casual listener. Attention spans are short, like tv who watchs 23 episodes of a season compared to say 10 ? think about it
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    She has completely came unhinged..and all because she's debuting at number 2.. The Carters weren't pressed and they released to all streaming platforms.
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    Whew. The way Denzel was moving in that second dance break. JISOS.
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    I think I would agree with your rankings!
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    I like the idea of it being all in one thread rather than combing through many threads Janet & Bruno collaboration looks to be at a stalemate? I’m going to take what she said with a grain of salt
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    Already see all those..honestly didn't think they were post worth cus they were so damn short ..oh, and somebody go get Gil.. he's on IG live bothered that fans be talking bout him "Yeah, I can get petty too...why shouldn't I? Y'all talk shit about me all the time, but never come up in my IG live to say it, you say it in other places then people send me the receipts..now what?!" Gil, sit yo 40+ year old ass down somewhere. If what you do doesnt fit ppls taste..it is wtf it is.
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    I'm sorry but the 1993 vma is kinda overrated to me. It's not in my top 5
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    Definitely the best "Late night" show performance she's EVER done. And I would go on to say one of the best televised performances she's ever done PERIOD! ??????????????????????????????????
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    Why is everyone so bothered by it being an EP? We’re getting more Janet. And if it’s 5-8 songs that are as good or better than M4N, I’m happy. Janet obviously cares about rebuilding her international fan base and taking the tour there and preparing for a possible RRHoF induction. We just got a full, classic album in 2015 with only 2 videos and a shortened tour. We’re likely getting more visuals and promotion from her this go round with a tighter focus on her already legendary catalog and some new cross-platform bops.
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    I've been turned off by Nicki for a minute. I'm not going to watch any of her performances or interviews, I'll just give the album a listen and make my judgement.
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    It's definitely refreshing..it's like this "new" refreshed Janet that has emerged that we haven't seen in awhile. I wouldn't call it hungry for success, cus I truly think she already feels accomplished.. it's more of us seeing how she still has a passion for what she loves which is entertainment. She seems to be back in love with the public, her fans and juss the entertainment world as a whole cus she seemed tired of the limelight during that period w/ her husband
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    First off.. you’re wrong. AFY is amazing. Her best album of the 2000s including Unbreakable Anything between 2004-2011 doesn’t count ??‍♂️


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