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    I attended tonight’s BMI awards - Honest to God, it was the BEST TRIBUTE Janet has EVER received in her entire career. It was FUCKING EPIC!! Janet said so herself. She was teary eyed & this wasn’t a “being nice” moment she meant every word - “I have had so many tributes over my career, and I am so blessed, but this was the best I have ever seen. I’ve never seen anything like that.” The tribute opened with Ciara, giving a speech to open the tribute up & introduce a group of young dancers. Literally about 50 kids ranging in age to about late teens. Then H.E.R. came out and performed Black Cat on a guitar, then she also sang Anytime Anyplace and KILLLLLLED IT!!!! Next, very randomly, they had Jessie Smollet, perform & he opened it up like the Doesn’t Really Matter at the VMAs, but just the dance opening. Then he performed That’s the Way Love Goes & a piece of Alright. Then they had, Normani perform PP with the mirrors and the chair and everything she KILLED IT! She didn’t pull the chair stunt off and nearly fell but her recovery seemed a part of the act. She did great. Like great. Next was Justine Skye & she performed Let’s Wait Awhile, KILLED IT!!!! Great vocals! Make up was reminiscent of Janet. Very much so. The mole the eyes everything. Then they closed the performances with TEYANA TAYLOR who performed IGL & it was everything you’d imagine it to be. She even had a wardrobe malfunction, little joke - they covered “all” of Janet’s highlights lol. Then Missy gave a final speech and introduced Janet. Janet’s speech was heartfelt & very beautiful. She looked amazing. All the artist wore variations of her look in some way or another. It was so epic. You could see Janet was taken aback and everyone there in the industry kept talking about it after it was over.
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    Wrong. They're talking about late 80s/ early 90s like Bobby had said.... Wayyyy before Whitney. If this was suppose to be 93' that would mean not only was Janet cheating but that would mean Bobby was cheating on Whitney too. Bobby never said that. I think the curly hair is throwing you? Janet had curly hair in the late 80s right before RN and that signature key earring was long GONE by the time 93' came around...look at Bobby's haircut, it's more than clear it was the late 80s. No one was rocking the asymmetrical slope in the 90s ?
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    It doesn’t air on tv. The thing is, besides the tribute you wouldn’t want to see it on tv. It’s not that good & to MOST ppl they wouldn’t get it. Its a very industry and amongst your peers award show. Publishers, publishing companies, writers, producers, etc. are the ones being awarded. It would be boring to the general public. It also doesn’t fully move like the avg award show. Janet was honored as an icon…but this is such an honor because it’s actually for her writing and MUSIC crafting. The guy gave a CRAZY stat about her music, something along the lines of having 6 songs with over 12 million radio spins & 3 songs with like 18 million spins. To put it in perspective he said you would have to play those songs back to back on the radio 24/7 for 68 years. To reach those numbers. I’m going to speak with someone to clarify how that stat breaks down but that’s what he said.
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    If Janet is not in complete "Im moved and inspired to create material for a full new project" ...then why would we want a thrown together album? Norman, I'm confused.. you're the same man that talks about the uninspired Janet albums that were trash but want her to make an album when it's more than clear that she's not moved to. You are tripping. Give us an EP til she's ready to REALLY create. I want another Unbreakable,TVR,RN ..we ain't gone get it if she juss put an album together cus "people been talking about an album...idk, I'm not sure what I want"
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    Aren’t EPs precursors to albums? Who cares if she drops either or both? New music is new music, let’s just #enjoy and let Janet take us on the ride
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    She's on ig live right now with @blameitonkway aka titi for her bmi icon tribute
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    Look who you're talking to. ??‍♂️
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    Remember he's new to being a Janet fan with his "all for you" era head ass?
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    The industry is shut down. Folks out here using gimmicks to increase album sales. Boy bye. An EP will do just fine and you will deal.
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    We don't do negativity boo. The internet comes for everybody. Janet has enough money and class not to be bothered. So why should you?!
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    Don’t post that crap here The internet comes for everyone and everything. Janet is no exception
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    Brilliant marketing. Let me find out that Janet is coming for Will Smith's social media wig!!! The way she threw her hands up to stop him
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    I know she cusses. Open up how?! She is barely audible. Janet is still the reserved, humble queen she has always been. I've learned nothing new of substance, but that's to be expected.
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    You’re someone who advocates that shouldn’t live in the past or discuss much of what “they remember”. So her doing an EP while it is new (for her) it’s the equivalent of her having b-sides to her old music. With the major difference being, she can/should test the waters for her ultimate goal. To explain best I can, no matter how much money Janet has/makes with touring the states or wherever in order for her to be a viable music partner in business she has to show she’s still marketable…she has new music partners & team & label. That I know she wants to grow in many ways. The EP is like a trampoline, I promise it will make sense, when you drop albums dismally & can’t pull back in your international fan base enough to tour like you want…you’re losing in the end. So give them something bite size, do visuals with it, put enough power into it with collars/presentation & start more tour dates. It does well, now you have traction again…give them even more because they’re hungry again. If they don’t receive what you did, cool…it’s only 5 or so songs…pivot a little. It’s a way to invest at a medium size package yet see big package results. Part of it I’m sure is to grab a little bit of an audience that she doesn’t currently have due to age gap etc. but the other part is because a mainstream interview should be saved until she is ready to drop EVERYTHING. It would start a snowball effect that would burn out shortly after. This process is small & mighty. The interviews aren’t really about shit but the single & that she’s coming - I had a baby, he’s so lovely, I’m working on something - it’s in motion, I am a legend - I’m being awarded, & I’m not done with music. Btw, yes I still look good. Breakfast club, ABC, etc they don’t want those details they want - you got married & divorced, what happen, what’s with the religion transition rumors, was there any kind of abuse…what has made you relationships go this way, let us see your son...then the “she’s back” is just a benchmark of the interview.
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    I'm talking about gimmicks when it comes to album sales not talent. Janet could release an album full of interludes and you would buy it. So again...Boy bye!
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    @blameitonkway aka Titi just posted a screenshot of him and Janet face timing during black girls rock and I must say the pic didn't look good. It was so bad he deleted the pic because people including Janet fans begged him to delete it. This happened 5 minutes before I typed this.


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